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PS4 Rules Update | February 12, 2021

Hi PS4,

Here's the new rules of the subreddit, effective at 12:00 PM EST.

Rule #1: Do not personally attack other users.

Please keep it civil. Some messages are filtered by the bot and may not appear on the subreddit. These removals do NOT prevent you from being banned temporarily or permanently from the subreddit.

No changes here, it's the most basic rules.

Rule #2: Do not discuss hacking, piracy or grey market.

Do not share links or discussions regarding piracy, hacking, jailbreaking, game images, "backup" software, attacker groups, etc. No requesting others to game/account share with you. Grey market websites are also forbidden.

No change here as well, but note that Deals that are linked to grey market websites (CDKeys, etc.) are forbidden as well. Only deals that are coming from Sony are allowed. Please use PS4Deals for every other type of deal.

Rule #3: NSFW content must be marked. Spoilers for games released less than a year ago must be marked.

Do not post unmarked spoilers or put ANY spoilers in a post title. Spoiler formatting is simple to use and works on most mobile devices as well.

  • For submissions, include the tag in the the title, and click on the spoiler tag before posting.
  • For comments use the following formatting:

>!This is a spoiler comment!<

Result: This is a spoiler comment

NSFW content must be properly marked as per reddit's rules.

No change here but there won't be much more releases on PS4 that will be heavily monitored for spoilers. You are now free to discuss spoilers for games that are at least one year old. However, blatant spoilers in titles for big PS4 games, PS5 games, movies, TV & Netflix shows, etc. will be removed and banned as well.

Rule #4: Use the Daily Megathread for general questions, game recommendations, and Tech Support.

Asking questions in a new thread is no longer allowed. If you have to ask a question to the PS4 community, please use the Daily Megathread pinned at the top of the subreddit.

This is the biggest change as it will cause a lot of removals. Now a megathread will centralize all these general questions. Exceptions can be made in certain circumstances like PSN outages. But if you have any question, ask it in the thread and search it on Google. Sending a new thread for it will cause a removal.

Rule #5: Official game media must come from official sources.

Posting game announcements, trailers or gameplay must come from official sources (either PlayStation, the developer/publisher of the game or press media). Use the Reposts from user channels is copyright infringement and these posts will be deleted.

We noticed that a lot of users try to bring views on their small YT channels by reuploading announcements and new trailers. We will monitor these closely and all these trailers/videos will be removed if they do not come from official sources, even if they are upvoted or posted before.

Rule #6: Flair your posts, mention the game in the title when necessary.

Every post has to be flaired accordingly. The absence of flair will cause the removal of the post. If your post is about a specific game, please mention its name in the title of the post.

This will also come with the removal of tags between brackets in titles. Many automatic removals were due to this. With flairs, we can remove this redudancy.

Rule #7: Do not submit low quality content. Some content is only allowed on weekends.

The following posts are not allowed on PS4:

  • Reaction Gifs, Memes, etc. Please head to r/PlayStation for these posts.
  • Picture of a single game box, common console or controller.
  • Trophy screenshots.
  • Screenshots taken with a camera pointed at your TV.
  • Requests – Including (but not limited to): friend requests, Share Play requests, or deal requests.
  • Questions that can be answered with a simple Google/subreddit search (see rule #4).

The following posts are only allowed on weekends (Friday 12:00 PM EST – Monday 6:00 AM EST) and have to be tagged as Fluff:

  • Game screenshots, through Photo mode. The name of the game must be mentioned in the title.
  • Short, funny game clips (1 minute maximum). Those have to be posted through Reddit. YouTube links are not allowed. The name of the game must be mentioned in the title.
  • Physical game collections and game setups.
  • Original Content (cosplay, drawings, 3D printings).
  • Creative content in sandbox games like Dreams, Minecraft, Fortnite… The name of the game must be mentioned in the title.

This is also a huge change. After reviewing and listening to the feedback, we're reverting Screenshots to be allowed only in Weekends as part of Fluff. It's more restrictive than allowing them all the time, but less restrictive than allowing them only on Sundays.

Rule #8: Giveaways and Surveys have to go through mod approval.

If you want to make a giveaway or a survey, please ask the mods through a modmail before posting. It has to be related to the PS4 in some way.

Not much change here, we're adding surveys to that rule. Review threads are no longer relevant.

Rule #9: Don't post spam, self-promotion, or let's play videos.

What do we consider spam?

  • Posts unrelated to PS4
  • Blogspam. What is blogspam?
  • Pictures of websites/emails (without other detailed context via self-post/article). Backup/mirror images of sites in comments are NOT considered spam.
  • Self-promotion. No buying, selling, trading, or begging for anything. Don't promote things you have a personal or financial stake in. For personal projects related to PS4, speak with the moderators before posting.

We can allow, in very low amount, self-promotion posts as long as there's a substantial amount of work in your submission, like video game analysis, useful community websites (akin to PS-Timetracker), or retrospectives. Mod approval does not mean your post will be upvoted.

There's not much significant changes here, we're allowing some well-crafted videos that cover a subject in depth. We're not talking about reviews.

Rule #10: PS5-only posts are not allowed.

Talking about PS5 exclusive games, PS5 availability or PS5 hardware issues is not allowed on this subreddit. Please head to PS5 for this.

You are allowed to talk about topics like backwards compatibility issues, PS4-PS5 upgrades, but in case, ask it in the General Questions thread instead of doing your own thread.

No change here.

We hope that these changes will be for the betterment of the subreddit and make things more clear for everyone.

The PS4 mod team


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