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PS4 to PS5 Data Transfer Error (Just avoid it if possible)

I had an issue while transferring data from PS4 to PS5 using LAN.

I used 2 separate Ethernet cables to connect each of my systems to the same modem, per Sony's instructions.

I only selected a few applications to transfer. The estimated transfer time was 14 minutes. The transfer occurred successfully, and my PS5 allowed me in to the Home screen to begin using the system. I only moved one or two games. The rest were video apps, like NFL Sunday Ticket. I checked out Sunday Ticket, and it worked, even having saved my login info from the PS4 app so that I didn't need to type it in.

However, I noticed something strange. My PS5 download list had the data transfer file listed as stuck around 89% (even though it had finished successfully). No progress was being made on the download progress bar. Additionally, my PS4 was stuck on the blue data transfer screen. I waited several hours, and the PS4 never ended the data transfer state or shut down like it was supposed to. So, my PS4 was stuck in the data transfer state.

I took a risk and manually shut down my PS4. Then I cancelled the data transfer download in my PS5 download list. (I probably should have done those steps in the opposite order). My PS5 was continuing to work fine. However, when I rebooted my PS4, it brought me right back to the data transfer screen. I got a feeling of dread in my stomach, because I figured I had just destroyed my PS4. After searching the internet, I found a youtube video from a guy with the same issue. (


He explained how to boot PS4 in safe mode and rebuild the database. That took about 15 minutes, and my PS4 rebooted. However, all of my custom folders were gone, and every application I had needed to redownload their update files. I had to leave the system on overnight to finish downloading.

Everything seems to be fine now with both systems. But like I said, I lost custom folders on my PS4 that I used to organize games (a minor inconvenience), and I went through a time-consuming re-update of all my PS4 applications.

My recommendation is to avoid the data transfer altogether. Nearly all of my PS4 games are on external HDD, and I can play them on PS5 directly from the HDD without a data transfer. The handful of applications that I was moving from PS4 internal storage to PS5 internal storage could have just been downloaded from the PS Store on PS5. And I wouldn't have gone through the headache of rebuilding my PS4 database.


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