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PS5 Controller on PC DualSense motor function discovery?

Content of the article: "PS5 Controller on PC DualSense motor function discovery?"

Ok, the title might be a little bit 'clickbait-y', but hear me out, especially any developers that might be working on a DS5 program.
When you connect the PS5 controller to Windows, Windows will give you a new output speaker option named, by default, "Speakers (Wireless Controller)" (You may need to configure the controller with Steam for this to happen?).
Anyhoo, I just started playing Death Stranding on PC and I accidentally left my audio output set to the controller. s soon as I realized no sound was coming from my actual speakers, I noticed a very faint constant vibration in the controller. I put my ear against it, and the motors were spinning to create the sound of wind. I put my ear to the actual controller speaker to see if it was just that, it wasn't. The sound only came from the sides where you hold the controller.

I tried moving away from the distribution center in-game and moving back towards it, and sure enough, you could faintly hear a muddled "Scanning Bridges I.D ….". A line mentioned in-game when you enter a delivery post place.

The motors inside the controller were playing the audio. This would explain why the controller speaker does not work. It seems as though the 3d haptic and motors may rely on separate audio channels.

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I also experience vibration on the Films & TV app on Windows 10. While watching a movie, the controller vibrates with the low frequency sounds of the film. I have not been able to replicate this using my browser (youtube, etc) or Windows settings sounds. I have not tried it with any other games yet.

The downside is that you can't route the sound to two outputs, so you'd have to choose to play without audio, or without audio-based feedback. I'm sure on the Playstation 5 the controller gets its own audio channels for the motors.

Try it, maybe drop some games below that it works with!


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