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PSVR and Oculus Quest 2 comparison from some one who now owns both

So I finally broke down and bought a Quest 2 on Saturday, so I wanted to share my experiences and my thought on the Quest 2 and PSVR, since I now own both. I am going to try to break this down by category and just give my thoughts on each item as they come to me. They are in no logical order:

Play Space:

– The Quest 2 hands down beats the PSVR in this area. If you have the space, you can draw out as large of a play space as you would like. I am lucky enough to have a big living room space, so a 15' by 20' walkable play space is incredible.

A game like Waltz of the Wizard is night and day here between this and the PSVR. You can actually walk to a place you want to see closer vs. seeing it from a distance.

The Guardian system:

With the PSVR, you really don't know how big your play space is. You just know it as you come to your edges and all the sudden it tells you, you are out of the space. With the Quest 2, it actually shows you a grid as you approach it, and once you get out of it, it actually turns on the foward facing cameras to see where you are.

– The system also allows you to remember multiple play spaces, so if I need to go to the basement to play because my wife wants to watch TV, that is not a problem. If I set up that play space, I literally just play.


– This is yet another place where there is literally no competition. For the PSVR, I followed videos for tracking and did everthing I could, and I would still have issues with tracking. The idea of having to adjust a camera up for 1 game, and then back down for another. To make sure your light sources were limited. To make sure your reflections are limited. To make sure that even the clothes you are wearing are not reflective. It's all hoops you need to jump around because Sony decided to use a system from 2010 for a system that would have a shelf life past 2021.

With the quest, I haven't had any tracking issues in anything I have played yet. The only issue I would see is if my controllers were behind back. But that is only an issue that room tracker would solve and I haven't come across that in any game that I have played thus far.

I mean, even hand tracking is an amazingly cool idea that is implemented pretty well for the most part. Pinching could use some work, so I believe this is still beta.


I personally love the Quest controllers. The simple ability to have 2 analogs sticks is tons better then Skyrim control schema. Night and day. For games like beat saber, I would prefer a Motion controller, but for almost every other type of experience, hand tracking or the controllers are better.

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What I will say is that my 11 yo son said the controls do feel a bit big. So if you have smaller hands, the controllers could feel a bit large for you, especially when compared to the PSVR.

Tethered Gameplay:

For the Quest, you are simply untethered. This is just one of those other hoops you need to jump through. For me, I was going to move my PS4 upstairs out of the basement, but my couch was literally too far from my TV, and the cable wouldn't reach. So I still couldn't play with it as I wanted. Then when playing in the basement, I couldn't use the pulley system, because I have dropped ceilings, so the wires would get in the way for me. That all goes away here.

Funny enough, as I was writting this, my son came up and told me that he wants me to get MinecraftVR for the quest, because the wires for the PSVR were wrapping around him. Especially since in Minecraft VR, you have to turn around a lot.

The "Home" environment (UX/UI):

This is one place that I think Sony can learn the most from, and tbh, may even beat the PSVR2 version if Sony is not careful. For Sony, PSVR is an addition to the PS4. So it doesn't have it's own "Home" environment. You are in the PS4 home, and that's that. Even the PS4 store makes finding things hard for PSVR owners.

In the quest, you start out in a VR home space. So right off the bat, you're not looking at a flat screen, but instead, you're in VR. Then as you navigate there are interesting touches. For instances, if you go to the web browser, Oculus has already book marked VR websites where you can try out VR experiences. So that means, you can play VR games directly on the web.

Which actually brings me to the fact that you actually have a web browser. So from that you can use YouTube, Hulu, what ever you would normally use on the Web. What is really cool, is when you turn on pass through mode, so you see your room, but at the same time have three browsers up at the same time. A reviever said it, but it feels like your in minority report.

Now the store for the Quest could use some work as it would be nice to find free games and demos easier. But for the most part the store is simple to use. In PSVR, I found myself having to look for some games, as they weren't labeled as PSVR games. Here, all games are Oculus games.

And this is where I say Sony needs to be careful. With PSVR2, they better set up a play area for VR players. We're not just thrown in extras at that point. We should have a dedicated space.

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You can watch YouTube on PSVR. On the Quest 2, you can watch YouTube, YouTube VR, Amazon Prime, Showtime, and so on and so on. All in app, or via a web browser.

Because my PSVR was in a designed play space in my basement, I never used it to watch movies. I have already spent many hours in here watching sports, movies and so forth.

Freedom / Untethered even further:

Since you can literally take this thing anywhere, you can literally be in bed as the wife is sleeping, and watch a movie on a 120' screen without bothering her. If she then wakes up cause you yelled at a part of the movie, you can literally go downstairs and continue viewing.

That freedom is really great.

Not to mention, if you get the 256GB unit, you can store your own media on there. So you can be on a car ride, either watching a movie or playing a game.

Visuals (Resolution):

This one goes to the quest as well. You can literally have a web browser open and use it like you are using your PC. I think that tells you all you need to know. The sharpness is great, and you don't feel like you have any fuzzy elements.

I never noticed a screen door effect on the PSVR, so I can't comment on that. But I will say the Quest 2 definitely looks sharper.

Visuals (Graphics)

This is actually where the PSVR wins. The textures and lighting is better on the PSVR with a PS4 pro.

HOWEVER, this is a stand alone unit, so this should be expected.

What is not really expected, is how well Virtual Desktop works to stream VR through a PC. For those that don't know, Virtual desktop allows you to access your PC both Wired and Wirelessly. If you have a good 5.0ghz system, it works great wirelessly.

So you technically can get better graphics through the Quest 2, but you need a PC to do so. But at the same time, you need a PS4 to use the PSVR. And you need a PS4 Pro to get better graphics then the Quest 2.

Other elements:

With the PSVR, your stuck with what Sony wants to give you. Unless of course you hack your Playstation and then get banned.

With the Quest 2, you can install side quest. This is a secondary unofficial store for the Quest 2 that allows you to get access to unreleased games. Games that were not approved for the Quest 2 and other apps.

In addition, you can add mods to your games like other playlists, or graphic mods. One game that I found interesting was the port of Half Life 1 for the Quest. So you can play HL1 and HL:A on this thing. I thought that was kind cool.


This one is a toss up. Astrobot and RE7 are my 2 favorite games for VR, regardless of system. Those are not here.

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Having said that, I could in theory play Metroid Prime on my Quest through my PC with the Dolphin VR emulator. Or I could play Bioshock in VR, through PC tools made for VR. It would be better if these were native, but the possibility is there.

Which, if any one is clever enough to do with the Quest 2, maybe they can take advantage of the Remote Play functionality for the Playstation and allow you to use that on the Quest 2. If that happens, it will be pretty much be game over for the PSVR headset, but would be a win for all gamers.


This is where PSVR wins hands down. The PSVR is much more comfortable to wear. I haven't bought the other head strap, but I am not sure that will help as much. I may wait for the Halo 3rd party strap which copies the PSVR design.

Having said that, the Quest 2, doesn't get bad to wear, it is simply is not as comfortable as the PSVR.

The only thing that sucks is spending the extra $50 to get a more comfortable feeling. With that said, at least that option is there.

Over all thoughts:

Well, I just wrote a wall of text. So if you got here, thanks. I know I will probably get a bit of hate on the PSVR reddit for this, but I expected a lot from the Quest 2 when I got it. After using it, I have not had that experience where I was let down. That is pretty rare when your excited about something and it delivers.

As you can tell from above, it really does beat the PSVR in just about every category. It's not to shit on PSVR, as it had a good long life in regards to VR standards. In addition, it carried VR to this point.

To me, this is just a passing of the torch to next thing, and this next thing is awesome. If you have been sitting on the fence, I strongly recommend just getting it. It is as good as people are saying.


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