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PSVR2 is coming: Playstation London Studio’s next VR project.

Curiously, Playstation London Studio has put up a bunch of new job ads for hires for new projects – or existing ones. You can see them here.

Here is a comment from the ad for a Senior Graphics Programmer:
"You will push the boundaries of the PS5 as well as keeping it compatible with DirectX 12. "

Here is a comment from the Principal Online Game Designer:

"As a 1st Party Studio our remit is to produce games which show the exciting potential of the latest PlayStation hardware so it’s important you are up for experimenting and working in uncharted design territory! "

And here is a comment from the Senior Pipeline Programmer ad:

PlayStation London Studio is looking for an experienced pipeline programmer to join our team working on exciting projects for next-gen, showcasing the power of PlayStation hardware.

They have about 80 Staff who are already very familiar with VR. As a matter of fact, since Blood and Truth, Playstation London Studio has gone on a small VR hiring spree after Blood and Truth in late 2019 and early 2020. Those job ads said: “ You will join a team working on our next exclusive VR title after the recent launch of Blood & Truth on PSVR.”

The latest which was November 28, 2020, when they posted a contract position for a Cinematic Animator. From January to May 2021. The job asked for:


You will create real-time sequences in VR for our next project with a focus on quality

You will animate characters and props, to a high degree of polish

You will edit, assemble, and polish motion capture to refine and enhance performance

You will actively push the quality standards for cinematic animation and pipelines to new industry benchmarks


You have command of animating realistic human acting, as well as high-adrenaline action

You have experience in a similar role in the games (or similar) industry.

You have experience in MotionBuilder

You have experience with motion-capture

You possess an expert working knowledge of Maya

You have excellent initiative, written and verbal communication skills, and know how to manage your time effectively

Experience in VR and Unreal Engine is beneficial

So.. what does it all mean? They've got a lot of people. They have been hiring for more VR staff after B&T. Putting it all together, they must be working on a VR project for the PS5 – involving "experimenting" with the "potential of the latest playstation hardware".

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Note – that's some "playstation hardware", not the Playstation 5… they have no problem mentioning the PS5 in their ads. This is something different . . . something secret maybe?

If I was to guess based on what is being described.. it'd be a VR demo for the PS5. A public PSVR2 reveal around summer. They would also be working on a game to come out targeted for the headset's launch. But as a premiere and award winning PSVR1 developer – Sony will absolutely tap into them for a quality demo to show off the next headset when they reveal it to the public – just like they did with the PSVR (when it was called Project Morpheus).

…remember, the PSVR was revealed almost 2 years before it launched.


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