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Question about PS4 Speed Test (Am I being throttled during peak hours?)

I had a question about the speed test through the PS4. I've read that it's not all that accurate but hear me out. While it may not be accurate, it seems to be very consistent in what it spits out depending on the time of day. I also have read about Playstation throttling game downloads but this isn't regarding that. It's only relevant to speeds while playing.

I'm not a huge gamer in my older years but have gotten sort of hooked playing Warzone. I've never been great but was decent enough so that it was enjoyable. Recently, things have been going downhill to the point of just giving up. When I watch the kill-cam, it seems clear that what my opponent sees is far different than what I'm seeing to the point where I have no chance. I know this can happen depending on server and other things behind the scenes but it's been very consistently bad in mostly my direction. This has gotten me somewhat obsessed with my internet speed.

So, I pay for 400Mbps down and 20Mbps up through Spectrum. The Speedtest app on my phone typically shows me at roughly 350-370 down and 22 up. The speed test through my Orbi router is also very consistent at roughly 400 down and 22 up. Now, the PS4 speed test is different. During the day it'll normally give me anywhere from 200-270 down and 3-6 up which is fine. But it seems to shift down to roughly 60 down and 1-5 up but only during the hours of 6-12pm. It is very consistent at being around 60 Mbps down during peak hours (the time when I normally play). Also note, only the PS4 speed test drops during this time. All of the other mentioned tests are consistent throughout the day at or close to the 400Mbps I pay for.

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If it matters, I'm in North Carolina near Raleigh so not exactly remote. I think my pings when I'm playing are close to 50ish and I normally don't see any packet loss.

So, can someone who understands this more than I do explain why this happens? Is something being throttled? Does it even matter for a game like that (i.e. is 60 down, 3 up good enough for gaming)? Any help would be appreciated.


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