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Quickly Reviewing Every Game I Finished In 2020

Content of the article: "Quickly Reviewing Every Game I Finished In 2020"

It's time for a yearly recap of every game I finished in 2020. I played a lot of great games this year (and some not so great), let's talk about them.

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition: It's a 2007 game and it absolutely shows, there's a lot of jank, a lot of inconsistency, some weird bugs that still live on to this day, and yet in terms of having one of the most genuinely interesting worlds and having a fantastic plot (with an excellent ending once you think about it a little bit) I can say I absolutely loved my experience with this game. 9/10

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: What an absolutely amazing experience. I started playing this game and was simply unable to put it down until I finished it. I happened to play it during a week or two when I wasn't particularly busy and boy did it take over my life completely and I regret NOTHING. It's an absolute masterpiece that made me cry, laugh, question my morality, and care about every bit of it. 10/10

Tales of Berseria: Talk about a story! The Tales series is a franchise I particularly like, despite the fact that I believe the games are far too long for their own good. That being said, the characters and the incredibly original take on the story, as well as the shared universe with Tales of Zestiria which I played in 2018 made it such an engaging game that I really can't complain about my time with it since I thoroughly enjoyed all of it. 9/10

Halo 3: I finally got to play and finish Halo 3 on legendary after it released on PC. I had often played the multiplayer with friends on Xbox 360, but never really played the full campaign, even though I loved Halo Combat Evolved and Halo: Reach. Boy am I glad I played it and that I did so on legendary. It was tough but man did I have a blast. The level design is amazing, the amount of options is amazing, the enemy variety is great, and the plot is alright for what it is. I'll say I suck at the multiplayer, I'm not nearly as competent as I was in the 360 a full ten years ago, but that's quite alright. 9/10

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided: I really enjoyed Deus Ex: Human Revolution and its respective DLC. I expected Deus Ex: Mankind Divided to improve on its predecessor's foundation and the result was… mixed. I do believe the design of Prague as a hub and semi-sandbox is amazing and adds a lot of personality to the game, and the gameplay is as tight as ever. The problem is the story just doesn't make much sense at times and often the themes of the game seem to work against the messages it is trying to convey. Great experience that I would still recommend, despite some disappointment with the story. 7.5/10

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L.A. Noire: Wonderful gameplay, loved being a detective and being rewarded for reading people and having good attention to detail, and I felt myself really improving over time when it came to reading those I interrogated. The DLC missions were great save for one that is near the end of the game that makes little sense with the greater narrative, however I'll say the story never truly charmed me, so the final half of the game wasn't my favourite. 7.5/10

Astroneer: Now I prefer story-based games more than I prefer sandboxes, however playing Astroneer with 3 other friends and just being able to specialize and work towards common goals made a game I would otherwise not have been into so ridiculously fun. I'm glad I got out of my comfort zone to experience this game since I really rediscovered this childlike wonder that has often been lost in certain games. 8/10

Disco Elysium: WOW. Just WOW. I cannot believe how I was truly roleplaying in a game, how I was able to immerse myself and just completely embrace the absurdity, the failures, and the disco. It was such a charm to go through this experience so much so that I plan to replay it soon enough to get through everything I missed and discover many different possibilities. Can't recommend this enough for those who like to roleplay and immerse themselves in a game. 10/10

Tomb Raider: Anniversary: It was quite alright. I enjoyed the puzzles which were often the right difficulty. I enjoyed the platforming which was engaging. The combat I could never truly get into, but I didn't detest it either. I had a lot of fun, and I'm glad the game doesn't overstay its welcome. 7/10

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Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor: It's hard to rate this game since It's not particularly meant to be fun. It's more of trying to convey a message and show what it is like to be stuck in a dire situation, and it does so quite convincingly after a while. I liked my experience, even when it wasn't particularly the funnest. 6.5/10

The Vagrant: Great 2D action game with awesome animation and awesome combat. It was very different from what I usually play and for the better. That being said the game often falls short of being great. The controls are good but never give you a true sensation of being in control. Bosses are challenging but never really memorable. The story is interesting, but never really gripping. Great experience, but I don't particularly wanna play it again. 6/10

Ryse: Son of Rome: It's nice if you know what to expect. Imagine a Call of Duty campaign set in ancient Rome. Lots of cinematic flair, lots of hand holding, but you're still having fun and feeling good about certain moments. For someone who likes Roman themed things, this was a fun ride, even if the game didn't last particularly long and the story is frankly uninspired. Go into it with the right expectations though, and you'll have fun. 6.5/10

Get Even: I just couldn't get into this game. The story is interesting in concept, but there is so much backtracking and frankly the presentation and voice acting are so subpar that I could never get into it. Besides the game takes many ideas from horror, shooters, and exploration based games and never really brings any to its full potential. 3/10

Sonic Generations: Fun for what it was. A short but calculated Sonic experience with a nice mix of 3D and 2D levels that felt fun and varied. I liked it after I got the hang of it, and I managed to finish the main game and DLC in a weekend without much issue. Would highly recommend for Sonic fans and even those trying to give the series a try. 7/10


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