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r/MMORPG is looking for moderators

Every year this community continues to grow, and every year we open up moderator applications to meet those needs.

We’re looking for mods to help us keep the community clean. Currently we find ourselves wanting more non-NA moderators to help us fill in those gaps in moderation. Basically the closer you are to GMT+12 the better.

That doesn’t mean we won’t consider your application if you’re not from there. NA and EU people are more than welcome to apply as well. We’re not throwing away a good application because you’re not in the right time zone.

This year however we are also looking for more than just moderators. We’ve always put in effort to set up AMA’s and recently we’ve expanded those efforts to include the weekly news update and just tried out our first live community event. We would like to have more of those in the future to engage the community a bit more. Inside the application you can indicate if you would like to focus on those efforts.

You can fill in your application here:

We keep the application form open until the 8th
You will be asked to login to google to prevent spam, we do not collect names, emails or other identifiable information through this.

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What does a moderator do?

A moderator is someone that helps keep the subreddit clean and remove individuals that have proven they're not capable of following the rules. We work together as a team. We expect you to keep an eye on the modqueue and read the sub and its comments.

Am I too young/old to be a moderator?

We ask all applicants to be at least 18. But if you can formulate why you would be a good moderator we're willing to make exceptions to that rule. Beyond that door's open and everyone is welcome.

How much time do you expect me to moderate?

We don't have strict expectations. Its a volunteer position so we feel its unfair to have expectations. Obviously if you don't moderate then you will be removed as a moderator. There are no schedules and beyond a certain minimum threshold of engagement we don't have any output expectations. Things like the weekly news posts are fully up to that moderator when/how/if they do it.

What's should I expect if I indicate I want to help out with content?

This can take many forms, from helping out with weekly discussion posts to actively working on fun events for the community. Same as before we don't have time commitment expectations as long as you still contribute, we try to give high freedom in trying things out but also realize this is a volunteer position and can't expect people to take it super serious.

How free am I to enact change or try things out?

I tell all the moderators the same thing, you are free to try things out. We do ask that you throw your ideas in with the entire team first but at which stage you include others is typically up to you. Some things do require the mods or admins to agree, such as rule changes.


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