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r/MMORPG Trivia Community Event – We’re giving away 50 Elyon CBT Keys

Hello community,

We have a really fun announcement today, we are giving away 50 Elyon CBT keys!

This Saturday (May 1st) we will host a live MMORPG Trivia/Quiz event, the top 50 winners will be given a key for the Elyon CBT. We will on the day itself post a link to the event website.

When: Saturday May 1st 2021| 11AM PDT – 2PM EDT – 6PM GMT – 8PM CEST – 4AM AEST

What: Live trivia event

How long: 30~ minutes.

Where: We will post a link 30 minutes before we go live here on r/MMORPG


How did you get the keys?

I asked for them.And Kakao was nice enough to provide them.

Did Kakao pay you?

May I present to you my bank account? You tell me if Kakao paid me. Just in case it wasn’t clear: No they have not.Is it live?

Yes, the initial quiz for winning a key/special flair is a 1 time live event.You picked a shitty time to host this

That’s the thing with time zones. It doesn’t work out for everyone.

We picked this time so most of our audience can participate.

Also to fuck over the Aussies.

How will you pick the winners?Unique answer strings will be submitted through a google form, which are then converted through a google sheet into a json file and that is fed to another piece of software that calculates your score. The 50 people with the highest score get an Elyon key sent to them on Reddit. It's scuffed like that because I didn't want to spend money on a backend.Just in case there are a lot of people with a similar score there is a tiebreaker question that follows the price is right rules, closest to the actual number without going over it.

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Is it going to be cringy?

A live event with reddit moderators?Yes. It’s going to be cringy for sure.

I can’t make it, will there be another way to get a key?

Nope, at least not from us.

Can I do the quiz another time?

Yeah, we will make an non-live version for fun one of these days.

But no keys will be given out.

I would like a bit more information

Well, we might give more details on But it won't give you an advantage. And we might also not talk about it at all.


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