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r/Nintendo plays Monster Hunter Rise: Compete to earn the Reddit Platinum material!

Hello, Hunters! Monster Hunter Rise is now here, and we’ve been gathering some tasks from the Rise locals for you to do. As the title says, we’re using Wyvern Gems to tally points this time. Do the quests and you’ll be handsomely rewarded!

The Hunter with the most points by April 30th will get Reddit Platinum

Quest Board

To complete a quest simply take a picture with your phone or camera with your user name in the picture. Or if it's a discussion question, just give your opinion in the comment!

You're not limited to just one challenge. Just comment under this post to submit your challenge entry. Feel free to post your challenges even if you plan to edit them with more.

1: Music even a Khezu can enjoy: “We have found a rare breed of Khezu that can hear… and it seems to appreciate music! Share your favorite songs, Hunter, for 2 wyvern gems!”

-Enthusiastic Scholar

2: Pack Hunting: “This mission requires multiple hunters. If you and another Nintendo hunter play online multiplayer together, you both get 5 wyvern gems! This increases to 7 wyvern gems if you get a party of 3, and to 8 wyvern gems if it's a party of 4!”

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-Veteran Hunter

3: A Pet, Please: “It’s my daughter’s birthday soon, and she has been begging for some sort of pet, and it’s been driving me crazy! Just capture me a monster during a mission where you usually kill it, and I’ll give you 2 wyvern gems.”

-Exhausted Noble

4: Rise to the Top: “I’m a fan of powerful hunters! Beat the game and get 5 wyvern gems.” (Sources tell me you beat the game when you get a screen prompt saying there is more to come)

-Adoring Fan

5: Herb Hunting: “Hey man, I need some healing help. Get me 10 stacks of Herbs and I’ll give you 3 wyvern gems.”

-Chill Herbalist

6: Sizing Up: “Isn’t it crazy how large and small some of these creatures get? I’ll give the Hunter with the largest creature that isn’t a set size 5 wyvern gems.” (Note: If it comes to a tie, this quest decides the winner)

-Large, short fellow


Rank Name Points
1 Dogorilla 34
1 NintendoTheGuy 34
2 tallesl 19

Mod Leaderboard

Rank Name Points
1 othrayaw 2
1 SpahsgonnaSpah 2

Last Month’s Winner

Congratulations to both Dogorilla and NintendoTheGuy for being Mario 3D World Masters! You both get reddit platinum.


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