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Someone talked about perma-death in a post, and an idea dawned on me about an MMO that incorporates roguelike elements.

What about an MMO, where during character creation, the player gets to pick a passive, something simple like extra damage or healing. Leveling is really fast, and every 10 levels is capped until one completes a hard dungeon/raid to progress. The dungeon is perma-death, and requires good teamwork to complete unless the player is a mechanical god. After completion, the player gets to pick a new passive out of an rng list of options, and these passives are increasingly powerful, something along the lines of every ability is cast a second time after 2 seconds of the initial cast (with no animations). The dungeons are increasingly difficult.

A roguelike system like this can also enable the MMO to be classless, and prevent meta builds to a degree (requires the player to restart a new character, then rng the build). The leveling is really fast, and is mostly there to let players get used to their new passives, collect currency, form groups and prepare for the next perma-death dungeon. If high-level players die, they should be able to reach where they were within a few days, provided if they are able to progress the perma-death dungeons and don't get stuck. New players also get to interact with veteran players who have died or restarted to play a new build, and don't have to spend a few weeks to level to reach endgame to play actually engaging content.

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The MMO can have no level cap, or have an end game with many perma-death dungeons/raids that provide rare loot.

EDIT: Think of it as a traditional MMO, but every 10 levels requires the player to participate in what would normally be considered an endgame-esque dungeon that requires coordinated gameplay to complete in order to progress. That dungeon is perma-death, but unlocks new gameplay/progression. World content and non perma-death dungeons (across levels and difficulties) also exist to provide bis gear that are marginally better.


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