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rant about “Pay-2-win” term verbal sparfing

Content of the article: "rant about “Pay-2-win” term verbal sparfing"

ok,so I've been itching to drag this out of my system for a long time by now but I didn't find when so let me get this straight:


because I see a lot of people that defend this kind of games saying stuff like (believe it or not):

“but is not pay to win,you can get everything for free” (I'll get deeper into this one later on*),"It's not pay to win,you only pay to get a s l i g h t advantage over other players,and the most typical one:replacing the word "win" with the type of advantage that players that pay get over those who don't,and what they say is oh boy,it's just priceless:

"this game is not pay to win,the definition of pay to win is literally buying something op and killing everybody"

"It's not pay to win because you don't win by paying,you PAY to get MORE STUFF" (with the loot boxes being the shadiest mean to do so)

"It's not pay 2 win,you just pay to progress faster"

I mean,aren't these two last the EXACT definition of "Pay 2 Win"? correct me if I'm wrong,but as far as I know,Pay 2 Win means…you know,paying to get ANY type of advantage over those players who don't (which are usually a lot) whether it is getting better gear,progressing faster,getting dlcs or anything

*ok,so this is the point I said I'd get deeper into before,a lot of people and sometimes even the developers themselves say that you can get everything without spending even a coin although it'd take much more time than if you surrendered and give them your money,but the fact that you can get everything without spending money doesn't make the problem dissappear,I'll quote a youtuber I follow that explained it with an example much better than I will

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let's imagine you sign up in a complex to make exercise that has a spa,a pool,and a gym among many other things,then the receptionist says that you can use the spa,the pool,the buffet and the sauna but you can't use neither the weights,the presses or the bycicles until you had have been a member for 6 months,but if you pay to the complex 300U$S you can skip that wait right away,and THAT'S the problem that sky-high grind walls are


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