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Rant about questing.

I'm going to go on a rant here that I think is reasonable. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

To start, make them like OSRS or RS3 Quest.

I don't understand how no other mmorpg has done this. (Well i do, the stupid fetch / kill quest are the easiest to make money off of because theyre simple to make) OSRS and RS3 quest are the best in the genre and its not even close.

Theres a reason you can ask any Runescape player thats played a decent amount 'Can you name a bunch of quest from the game' and without a doubt they could. The quest are memorable because theres 150 quest total. You can ask someone whos played any other mmorpg 'Can you name a bunch of quest from the game' they probably wont remember the name of more than maybe 1 or 2 because they all blend together.

I dont expect anyone to actually read these links unless they're interested but they back up the points.

Reason 1: Its a journey (Most)

This quest is called Underground Pass. As you can see just by scrolling down, its quite the fucking journey you go on to complete this quest. With a guide, this quest can take up 30-40 minutes. If you're someone who doesn't like to guides and try to figure it all out for yourself, this can take an hour or more.

This quest is called Monkey Madness. Where you have to sneak on to a monkey island for a bunch of gnomes, trick a little monkey kid into giving you an item that turns you into a monkey, turn yourself into a monkey and convince the monkey king to be at peace with the gnomes by breaking a another monkey out of a zoo in a city and returning it to the island, to put in short.

Now there are some quest like Cooks Assistant which is a very easy quest of getting a bucket to milk 1 cow, getting 1 egg from the chicken coup, then picking some wheat and going to the granary mill to turn it into flour with a pot. So not every quest is perfect or crazy enticing.

Reason 2: The Rewards

This quest is called Animal Magnetism. By scrolling all the way to scroll the bottom, you can see the rewards of each quest. This quest unlocks a 'Ava's Device'. This is a backpack that you wear when Ranging that will automatically pick up your range ammo for you off the ground so you don't have to keep walking over to pick it up. You can see how this would be extremely useful right? Never having to worry about picking up ammo. Not only that, the stats give you range bonus. This is a quest that you do at like level 30-40 that will be useful to you even at max level of 126. Not only that, later on you'll do a quest called Dragon Slayer 2 that will unlock a boss that you can kill. If you get its head from killing it as a drop (1/50) you can use the head with the backpack from Animal Magnetism to upgrade the backpack.

This quest is called Priest in Peril. This is a quest you can do anywhere from combat level 15 to 40+ that will unlock the entire area on the Right Side of the map for you full of stuff for you to do at both low and high level. Such as low level Hunter/Slayer, Mid level Agility, or High level Raids 2 or The Nightmare.

Theres plenty more examples but ill leave reason 2 there.

Reason 3: Being to do the quest in the first place.

This quest is called Song of the Elves. This is a 'Grandmaster' quest. As you can see in the 'Details' section kind of near the top, there are many requirements just to beable to do this quest. You need certain stats in both combat and lifeskills, other quest around runescape, and items either collected or bought.

This quest is called Recipe for Disaster. Not only are there certain stats, quest, and items required, but you also need 175 Quest Points for it. To outside of the absolute quest that it points out, you have to choose any other number of quest yourself and get enough to do it.

Every time you complete one of these big quest, it feels like youre on top of the world because of how much went into it.

Reason 4: Lastly, The Environment

This ones hard for me to post links unless I went around the entire world taking screen shots but the environment of each quest is perfect.

From the location and feeling that the quest takes place in, to the Chat Heads and Dialogue you get when talking to an npc.

Thanks for reading it if you did. If not then no worries. I just wanted to get my frustrations out there.

Also if you're thinking about playing OSRS feel free to join the very active Sub Reddit and use the links on the right of the subreddit to download Runelite for a much better time and so you can use HD!

Also i know i mentioned RS3 and didnt give any examples, I havent played it in a long ass time but i imagine the quest are still just as good if not better.


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