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Rating the games that have kept me sane during the neverending argentine quarantine Part 2

Content of the article: "Rating the games that have kept me sane during the neverending argentine quarantine Part 2"


Obligatory sorry for sorry if english bad cause english actually good.

I'm back to share with you the next set of games I've completed while in lockdown, but first of all, lemme just say: thank you for liking my previous entry!

This time around, I added separators between each game so the post is less confusing (no, "Platinum" is not a game, you're not stuck in a time loop as far as I know as far as I know as far as I know). Sorry about that!

Without further ado…

Marvel's Spider-Man – 9.0 / 10

An absolute must-play if you own a PS4. The combat is smooth, fast, and fun; you can do some pretty crazy combos if you're good at this type of game which I wasn't. I actually died more times than I cared to admit. I played on Easy. There are many collectibles but fear not, swinging around is incredibly fun; the fact that I got most of them before beating the game speaks for itself.

Platinum Trophy: Got it. Like I said, getting the collectibles is no biggie and everything else will come naturally for the most part. No missable trophies either. 4 / 10.

The Sims 4 – 7.0 / 10

The year is 2014. New technologies are starting to push the boundaries of what videogames can achieve. Worlds get bigger, more detailed; gameplay and cinematics blend into one; sequels take the concept of their predecessor to a whole new level; meanwhile The Sims 4 wants you to pay $40 to get rainy days. Listen, I enjoyed the game, it's the same old Sims, after all — but that's kind of the problem. There's a 14 year gap between the first and forth entry in this series, and the latter barely does anything new besides looking prettier. Every single interesting feature (seasons, pets, jobs, you name it) has been stripped away and locked behind a paywall. I won't tell how much it would cost to buy all the DLCs, but let's just say you might be better off buying a PS5 / XSX instead.

Platinum Trophy: Got it. Don't trust the guides since most of them are missing a crucial update: now the game counts with a Gallery, which lets you download other people's sims. Some of them are made specifically to get the trophies. Just boot them up and they'll pop within minutes. Beautiful. 2 / 10.

For Honor – 7.0 / 10

Not sure if anyone will relate to this, but this is the kind of game that, the more you play it, the more you hate it. Overall it's fun, it has a good learning curve, and landing hits feels super satisfying; I just think the game is not what it wanted to be. Methodical combat? Nah bro just spam the same combo over and over. Competitive Scene? Non-existant. Honor? Y-You know, the name of the game? Nope, sorry, everyone plays Dominion, a 3v3 gank-fest of a game mode.

Platinum Trophy: Lamely, some trophies are related to dead gamemodes, so I will only hold this platinum in my dreams; then again, I'm on the South America servers, maybe you guys still stand a chance. Ignoring the unobtainable trophies, I'd give it a 6 / 10.

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Grim Fandango Remastered – 10 / 10

Back in the day I had one of those bulky PCs + good ol' Windows XP. I had already discovered my love for gaming and spent hundreds of hours in Warcraft 3 and other games. A relative of mine lent me a CD, "Grim Fandango" written on it. Long story short, I got so absorbed by the characters, the funny dialogue, the world, the art, the music, that I didn't even care how shit I was at solving puzzles. In the end, I didn't manage to beat it but it stayed on my mind ever since, and I became a fan of other Lucasarts entries (Monkey Island mainly), and point-and-click games in general.

Years later, I managed to finish it (why did I wait so long?). To give me some credit, some puzzles in this game are absolute BS, but nevermind that — The charm and beauty of Grim Fandango makes it an unforgettable journey, and I'm confident to say it's one of my favourite games ever. I knew this ever since I played it all those years ago.

Platinum Trophy: Ok so fuck memorable experiences, here's the real deal: the platinum is piss easy. Worse part is having to play with the old tanky controls (there's a trophy that demands it). 2 / 10.

Sonic Forces – 6.0 / 10

Speaking of memorable experiences… this is not one. To be fair, I've never been into Sonic, but this game doesn't really do a good job at changing that. Gameplay is decent, level design is ok at best. I did really like the way you could customize your character, actually, but that's not saying much.

Platinum Trophy Didn't bother with this one, but I guess it's not too hard if you're into it, just time-consuming. You need to reach max level with a lot of different character and get S rankings in all levels, if I remember correctly. Seems like a 6 / 10.

Hyper Sentinel – 7.5 / 10

Ok so hear me out: this game was 12 cents. Even for an Argentine that's pocket change. Said "why not", pulled the trigger and, what do you know, it's actually good! A quick-paced, arcadey game in which you control a spaceship and you shoot at bigger spaceships and when you destroy them you can fight the stage boss which is also a spaceship. It's… it's fun. Pretty good way to kill a few hours, which is more than enough considering the price.

Platinum Trophy: Rather easy, although repetitive. You need to complete the 3 modes of the game (normal, speedrun and boss rush) on all 3 difficulties. 4.5 / 10.

Portal Knights – 7.5 / 10

RPG Minecraft. What can I say, it was entertaining, probably better if you have friends to play with. Obviously childish but that's not a deal-breaker for me. The combat is fun but super simple. There are 3 bosses, none of which prove to be challenging.

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Platinum Trophy: Hey, do you like the special events the game has every once in a while? Yes? Well then why don't you complete 200 of those motherfuckers. That's right. I did it… with a glitch; it basically allowed me to do the same event over and over again. Overall, nothing too challenging besides risking your mental health. 5 / 10.

The Swapper – 8.0 / 10

A very interesting platformer in which you create clones of yourself in order to solve puzzles. It can get pretty tricky. Solid visuals and atmosphere. A cool concept that will grant you a couple of hours of fun.

Platinum Trophy: There's no platinum. The trophy list for this one is pretty weird. You'll beat the game without getting a single one; instead, all you need to do is to find every single secret collectible in the game, aka hop into Youtube and follow a guide to avoid some serious headaches, cause they're not easy to find. 2 / 10.

The Town of Light – 6.8 / 10

A historical piece dressed as a horror game. In The Town of Light, you'll visit an abandoned mental hospital while piecing together the character's past, based on a real story. It's a crude and sad experience tainted by bad graphics and occasional stutter. It has bugs and titties so it's a mixed bag. If it sounds interesting to you, and you have 3-4 hours to kill, might as well give it a try.

Platinum Trophy: Got it. It's really easy, althought there are many missable trophies so following a guide is adviced.

Black Mirror – 7.0 / 10

No not the series. Yes I also got excited at first, and that's what got me to try the game so, nice move I guess? Anyways, this is a reboot of a much older game; and I gotta say that, despite not being great, it just nails atmosphere thanks to its lighting. Even with not-so-good graphics, the dark areas in this game look so damn good. You'll be exploring a creepy mansion and solving puzzles in order to uncover its secrets. The story was good enough to keep me interested. Worse part is the animations tho. Everyone's so stiff they might aswell be trying to act normal while holding in a crap.

Platinum Trophy: Got it, easy and short, with just a couple of missable ones you'll want to keep an eye on. 2 / 10.


I'll talk about 2 more games that I played before quarantine (a long time ago actually), but that I revisited during lockdown while getting all the remaining trophies.

Lords of the Fallen – 6.8 / 10

This was my first souls-like outside of Dark Souls and Bloodborne… and it made me appreciate how good Dark Souls and Bloodborne truly are. Now, I can't say I didn't have fun, but I feel everything this game does is ok at best. The level design is ok, the enemies and bosses are ok, the gameplay feels sluggish and your attacks are… just… so… slow… No jolly coop or pvp either.

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Platinum Trophy: I got it. It isn't hard for a souls-like, just kinda tedious. There are many collectibles, some of which only appear on NG+, and you need to beat the game, I think, 3 times. 5 / 10.

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture – 8.0 / 10

In this narrative-driven game you play as a turtle while visiting an abandoned city called Yaughton. For some reason there's not a single human being in sight and everyone seems to have disappear into thin air. First of all, this game takes the "Walking Simulator" title quite seriously. If you thought that controlling a turtle sounds weird that's because I made it up you just walk really damn slow. That being said, the story's pretty good. While exploring you'll find "memories" of the past, and you'll hear conversations that took place there — soon enough you'll start to recognize voices, names, characters, and the game will follow their journey while they try to understand wtf is happening, just like you. It's amazing how they grow on you even tho you never actually see them.

Platinum Trophy: It's a walking simulator so it's as easy as it gets. You do have to get all the collectibles and listen to all conversations, so a guide will prove useful. 1 / 10.

My friends, this is not the end. There's still plenty of games for me to talk about. Once again, thank you for liking my post, I'll see you soon!


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