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Rating the games that have kept me sane during the neverending argentine quarantine

Content of the article: "Rating the games that have kept me sane during the neverending argentine quarantine"

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Greetings from Argentina! I've always had a passion for gaming and this year I've been granted the chance of playing on my PS4 for months straight with no commitments whatsoever (be careful what you wish for I guess). On March 20th my country went into lock down and… well, it's still going, although much less strictly so. Anyways, I decided to share my thoughts on all the games I played during quarantine and, since I love getting trophies/achievements, I'll talk a bit about those aswell. If you have a PS4 you'll probably recognize some of these games from PS Plus lineups.

Goat Simulator – 3.0 / 10. Yikes. It's fun for a few minutes, then you start to question what are you doing with your life. Props to the developers for making big bucks from a literally unfinished, broken game tho.

Platinum: Got it (please don't judge me). 4 / 10. I was pretty easy except for one trophy that asked you to get a high score on a Flappy-Bird-like minigame.

Defunct – 6.0 / 10. Bought this game for like 25 cents, cause why not. For that price, it was ok. It's short, it feels underdeveloped, and the sound design is trash, but I paid a quarter for it so whatever (How much is that in argentine pesos? Oh, right, it's 50 — I mean 70 — wait, it's 100 — ok now it's 120…).

Platinum: I don't have it yet but I'll probably get it in the future. I predict a 7/10. Game is short so all Story mode related trophies are easy enough. Hardest challenge comes from "Aah, Heck No!", a trophy that asks you to get Platinum medals in all levels. It's tricky and the controls are not the best. We'll see how it goes.

Rogue Legacy – 9.0 / 10. Holy heck did this game surprise me. Bought it for $3 or so and had a BLAST. Super addictive, quick-paced and with an amazing gameplay loop. Quite challenging at times, aswell, but everytime I died I wanted to hop in just one more time. The difficulty also has a good learning curve, at first you'll die just a couple of rooms in and, by the end of it, you'll be able to clear many sections in one go. It also counts with a New Game system which gets pretty crazy, if you're into that kind of stuff (I wasn't).

Platinum: I got it and I couldn't believe it. 8.5 / 10. The worse part is beating the remixed bosses. There are only five but, boy, do they give you some trouble. You also need to beat the game dying 15 times or less, although you can savescum which I totally did not do let's move on to the next game.

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Child of Light – 8.0 / 10. Super cute, fun game. The turn-based combat is fun although quite easy. The art is beautiful, I never got tired of it. It's a game that shines more for its visuals rather than its gameplay, but overall it's a solid experience.

Platinum: There's no platinum trophy lamely. 3 / 10. All the trophies are pretty easy with barely any post-game clean up.

Wuppo – 10 / 10. Here it is, the one that blew me away. I was scrolling past the latest sales and I saw this cute, cartooney game for $3. I picked it up without knowing it would become my favourite indie so far. An excellent platformer with a good sense of exploration, funny dialogue, enviroments and cities that feel alive (dozens of other creatures just walking around, functioning trains, a theme park, etc), and just fun all around. Now, I do gotta say, the PS4 port just didn't get much love. The button layout could be better, it has not received many updates (unlike PC), and Boss Run mode is simply broken… but I just can't rate this game any lower, I loved it.

Platinum: Oh boy, I got it. 9 / 10. It's all fun and games until you beat the store. Then you raise your head, you see a shiny platinum trophy ahead… and a giant, muscular, disgusting-looking creature in the way. It's called "Boss Run: impossible", and it's here to beat your ass. This trophy asks you to beat Boss Run mode without buying any upgrades or heals. That means, beating all bosses in a row, on Hard (can't change difficulty, unlike PC), with your basic gun, and with only 1 heal (instead of 3, on PC). I had to use a glitch that allowed me to play with 200 HP instead of 100, and it was still one of the hardest trophy I've done. Proud of it, tho.

Bioshock Remastered – 8.0 / 10. Always wanted to play this game, and it was worth the wait. Can't say I felt in love with it, but it was pretty good regardless. Excellent atmosphere, decent gameplay, and an interesting story with a "holy sh*t" moment (you know what I'm talking about).

Platinum: Got it. 4.5 / 10. Not too hard, just a couple of missable trophies to keep an eye on.

Bioshock 2 Remastered – 7.5 / 10. Another good game, better gameplay, just a step behind its predecessor. This time is the combat keeping you going instead of the story, and that's okay.

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Platinum: Don't have it yet. I predict a 6 / 10, having to complete the game on Hard and going crazy with the camera to research all enemy types (missed this trophy on my first playthrough lamely).

Bioshock Infinite – 8.5 / 10. Bit of a hot take around here but, yeah, I enjoying this one a bit more. The game feels simplified, although that didn't bother me. The dark, creepy atmosphere is thrown out the window and instead you'll visit shiny areas among clouds. I gotta say, the story grabbed me and the ending solified this one as the best Bioshock for me.

Platinum: Don't have it yet. It seems to be a 7.5 / 10. The last difficulty is probably a pain, no glitches in sight, and a handful of collectibles because that's super fun right?

Steamworld Dig – 7 / 10. Bought this game because I heard pretty good things about it. It was nice, but I wasn't really that much into it. Length's pretty short so, no big deal. The mechanics are good and there's a nice sense of progression as you upgrade your gear and start mining blocks faster, faster, FASTER.

Platinum: No platinum trophy :C Overall it's a 5.5 / 10. You need to speed run the game and complete it without dying, which for now I'm not willing to do.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales – 9 / 10. I had plently of fun in Gwent (both the Witcher minigame and the standalone version) so I was looking forward to this. Excellent visuals, good exploration, and an amazing set of characters that'll join or leave you depending on your choices throughout the story. I actually felt like my decisions mattered, and that they had consequences in the long run.

Platinum: Got it. 4 / 10. Not too hard, only problem is that some trophies are missable and there's no chapter select. That being said, Easy difficulty actually lets you skip the battles to rush through the game in order get that one trophy that got away.

Shadow of The Collosus (Remake) – 8.5 / 10. Shit camera. Don't get me wrong, it's a classic, a really good game, but that's the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about it: the camera's bad. It's disappointing that they didn't improve it, considering it's a remake. Unique gameplay, pretty simple on paper but the game knows how to keep it interesting and fun all the way through. I love the sense of 'scale' in this game, making you feel like an ant whenever you're fighting a boss.

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Platinum: Got it after quite a grind. 6 / 10. Not hard at all, but multiple playthroughs are required.

Control – 9 / 10. Having played Alan Wake back in the day on my Xbox 360 (RIP you beautiful thing), I had high expectations for this game. It did not disappoint. Fast and smooth gameplay, fun abilities to wreck your enemies. Graphics are good but what shines the most as far as visuals go is the use of colors, the surrealism, and the environment design. This game is a screenshot generator and apparently it's pretty self-aware since it a lot of times it will freeze so you can appreciate the visuals oh wait that is not supposed to happen. Yeah, the game becomes a slideshow sometimes, specially while performing very resource-heavy actions like closing the menu. Anyways…

Platinum: Got it, of course! 4 / 10. Pretty easy and fun all around.

Not even half way through with this list… I'll keep posting if you guys are interested!


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