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Rayman Legends has some amazing heart, and may be the most well-crafted platformer I’ve ever played.

I'll first note that this pretty much all applies to Rayman Origins as well, but I feel like they took everything great about that game and expanded on it in Legends.


I recently played through this entire game with my 4 year old. She had just started being interested in games, starting to play Spyro and Crash Team Racing (which was amazing in and of itself) but this game finally got her actually playing games. Like I am pretty impressed with the amount of times she actually saved me during our playthrough.

This was a game that is now a request to play every day, despite the fact that we have rescued all 700 Teensies. And while doing this I've just had moments of stopping and admiring how well done every element of this game is.


Obviously the most important piece here – Rayman was a favorite game of mine as a kid, and these sequels/reimagining took the feeling of that gameplay and made it feel so much better. The layouts of levels, the ramp up in difficulty in the main story while also introducing new challenge types, and the design of the game being just as fun with or without using its co-op features- are all amazing attributes.

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Then there's the variability – not just incredibly designed boss fights, but

, racing against a threat level types,

, and even levels catered to music (more on that in the next section).

The best way I can capture my thoughts on it are to reiterate my above point – my 4 year old and myself both played through this – and we got equal enjoyment out of it.


This game has the most unique soundtrack I have ever heard. The creativity on display with the "Lum Choirs" can somehow be both

. The themes are memorable and fit the atmosphere perfectly.

This is in addition to so many well handled sound effects – Gathering lums plays out sound effects that match the pitch of the soundtrack (similar to Super Mario Galaxy). Hits, jumps, enemies, all are distinct and whimsical.

And the

! These perfectly synced levels that combine the Rayman gameplay somehow with succinctly timed hits, jumps, and enemies are SO well done and a blast to play.


This game is absolutely gorgeous. The time that had to have gone in to hand drawing the levels with the amount of detail they have is insane to think about. With how fast moving the game is, you don't often get a lot of time to appreciate the backgrounds, but any chance you get to stop and look is met with what just looks flat out like artwork.

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The designs for the characters were set in Origins, and they capture the feeling of old school Rayman in a very new way. There probably are differing opinions on this, but I love it.

The boss designs are wonderful as well.


I've gone through all levels in this game countless times because of how fun they are, but also because of what there is to do. Getting all the "teensies" takes a good amount of work in some levels (especially some of the timed "Invaded" levels). Getting the gold trophy on each by netting 600 Lums is also quite a challenge in several levels.

The game also has several unlockables (all included in game), and includes a TON of great levels from Rayman Origins, close enough to all of them that it feels like the first game is more or less included. And there are still Daily and Weekly Challenges going strong that allow you to keep experiencing the game even if you've collected everything (granted the drive to do these slows down once you have experienced the similar level types quite a bit over time).


The artists/people who made this game so clearly had a huge passion for their work, and it shows in an amazingly put together game with memorable music, gorgeous art, and IMO perfect gameplay. Regardless of your expertise in gaming or familiarity with platformers, if you haven't checked this game out yet – you absolutely should. It holds up, and I can only hope maybe someday we get another sequel.

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