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RE2 Remake is good, but not amazing.

Content of the article: "RE2 Remake is good, but not amazing."

Note: I have only completed Leon's campaign, but I don't foresee my opinion changing.

Following up Alien Isolation, I was disappointed by the graphics. Maybe it's because I prefer first person, but the shimmering jaggies of SMAA and the blur of TAA+FXAA left a lot to be desired. The game was also much less scary than Isolation, although I felt a sense of dread.

What also weirds me out is the pacing. I spent half my playtime, 5 hours, in the first area. After escaping the first area, it felt like an epic adventure was ahead of me, but I completed it the same day. It's weird to have the first area be the most difficult and intricate.

The second area is easily the worst. It's full of poison-spewing enemies and ends with the worst boss fight I have ever played. Standing on a small platform while trying to make a clumsy boss stand in harm's way was frustrating to say the least.

The game also suffers from its realistic presentation. You'll be in a police station, but the police station contains a clock tower, a secret passageway and a bunch of puzzle statues. It was more like a medieval castle than a police station. The second area also had a puzzle using chess pieces to open a simple door, which doesn't make any sense for a workplace. Ironically, the secret facility felt like the most realistic place in the game. I may have forgiven this in a game like the original, where the presentation isn't as close to reality, but here it stuck out like a sore thumb. Despite this, the variation in settings was appreciated.

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The story was also quite generic.

What I did like was how the game was never impossible. I beat the last boss with a pistol and one knife, which felt amazing. There was no time where I had to go back further than one save.

I also appreciate the sound design of Mr X's footsteps. He was very easy to track just by listening.

Overall, I like this game. It was fun to save and expend resources, solve puzzles and open doors. It just didn't blow me away. It was good, not fantastic as people say.


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