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Reasons why I prefer Japanese games over western.

I was interested in Japanese culture from a young age because my father had already visited this country. I remember how he brought souvenirs, brochures and videos with him. Then, as a child, when I was in my grandmother's apartment, I saw anime for the first time on TV. So you can call me a weeb.

I learned that Japanese developers once used to rule the entire gaming industry in the 80s and 90s as the 1983 crash forced many American developers out of business. And over the decades, they have developed a powerful school of game design. That's why I love Nintendo games.

In the 2000s, Western developers like Ubisoft and Activision decided to take the reins of power into their own hands, thereby driving Japanese developers out of the international market. However, with the arrival of the Nintendo Switch, many Japanese developers began to experience a new Renaissance. And many Japanese games began to appear more often on Steam.

I noticed that the "Old games were better" complaints started in the late 2000s, when the Western gaming industry was booming, and with it, it brought a lot of problems.

Since the Japanese have a very different culture, the games are very different from those in the West. Especially at the present time, when excessive political correctness has completely captured Western popular culture. I am honestly very disappointed in this, although the culture of my country, Russia, has long since degraded to a miserable state.

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I would also like to note that many well-known indie games are mostly based on Japanese classics. Some of them like Undertale and Hollow Knight have a huge fan base in Japan. Heck, Japan also has indie games that were popular before indie became mainstream in the West. Touhou Project and Cave Story are examples.

Then again, Japanese games are more about creativity. Just pay Nier Automata and notice it. And many games in this country are devoid of terrible monetization.

I also noticed that Chinese developers are already starting to make good games. I played Bright Memory and was very satisfied. This game is unique in its own way. I also managed to try out Genshin Impact. Despite the disadvantages, this game can be safely played without any money investment.


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