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Reborn Promisance – MORPG (obviously missing the first M)

Hi there!

I'm West. Glad to be able to promote a very special project here!

Myself and a group of similar minded Promisance enthusiasts have taken it upon ourselves to rebuild, what approximately 26 years ago was booming gaming community called Promisance. How’s that for retro:), Based on the original Promisance, by the late Paul C. Purgett and perfected by Quietest.

The original source code is still available for download here: Our project‘s aim is to preserve the game and the coders legacy.

We call it Reborn Promisance, a free browser/text/turn based strategy game where you take control of your empire's military and economy. Lead your country's military to attack and defend against your enemies. Execute attack strategies to relieve opponents of their resources and land. Ally with your friends or make new friendships by joining a clan. Conduct military operations, rule your country and build your empire. Continuing the legacy of EZclan, QMT Promisance & Valhall.

We currently have 2 servers up and running (classic & turbo, which we used as BETA but is open) and from May 1st we’ll have a Tutorial (resets every day) and a Clanned-only server as well. The current set ends in a couple of days, great moment to spend a couple of minutes a day to get familiar and be prepared for the 1st of May!

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I’m delighted by how far we have some come thus far but there’s still a lot of work being done in the background to add more visually attractive aspects to the game.

Any suggestions, criticisms are more than welcome. I’ve been standing too close to the trees for a while now and we would more than appreciate your comments.

We have a small but active Discord server where people can pitch in all of there suggestions as well! the more the merrier 🙂




Thank you again for this opportunity and your opinions,



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