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Recommend A Fun Single Player Game With Fun Mechanics

Content of the article: "Recommend A Fun Single Player Game With Fun Mechanics"

I recently refunded Cyberpunk 2077 on the PS4 as I refused to play it with such horrible graphics and ruin my experience as well as the poor mechanics … for now, but that isn't my point. I consider myself to be a casual gamer and I play games like Rainbow 6, GTA and RDR2 on a frequent basis.

I also like single player story games with a beautiful world and good gameplay mechanics and world where i can have fun. I really like rdr2 and it is my favorite game i really enjoy the story, gameplay and enjoy just roaming around in the world. I have played Sony titles like HZD, God of War, Spider Man and Ghost of Tsushima and find them fun too but they all aren't as striking to me as RDR2 is.

I do not want similar experiences, I am open to new games even if they aren't open world but just fun to play and not me thinking every 15 minutes how long I have been playing like Assassin's Creed, i do not quite enjoy medieval titiles like AC but I liked witcher 3 due to its content. A friend recommended skyrim and fallout 4 but i do not know if i will like them.

Therefore could you all please recommend some fun titles based on my likings, it would be much appreciated

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Edit : wow this blew up, i didnt expect this. I have games like bloodbourne but i couldnt play it it was too hard and yall listed every popular game there is i wanna get one on sale so i can get 2 probably

Edit2 : i got fallout 4 coz many of you recommended it and also it was currently on sale so i thought i should try it. Sorry can't reply to all of you i am reading everything tho i like many of the games recommended will get them when there is a sale

Edit3 : got the outer wilds after hearing how good it was and a fun experience. Thank you to all those who replied and recommended cant get all of em but sure puts into perspective what games i should try more


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