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Recommendations? (Gaming headsets)

Long story short, I was using an official xbox controller and headset without issues from the day I bought my Xbox One.

Then my controllers (both wireless) begun having issues. One had a drifting thumbstick and the others LB button stopped working. Both also had problems with the "left" on the direction pad.

Naturally I bought a replacement. At the time I couldn't afford to get another official xbox controller, so I opted for a wired Power branded controller.

Things were fine until I went to play online with my sister and saw my new controller didn't accept the official xbox headset.

I went out and bought another headset. Something that had turtle in the name, I honestly can't recall (alot has happened in the last 24 hours and my minds not entirely focused on trying to remember the name). The point is it had the port needed to connect so I thought all was well.

Until me and my sister tried to play online again. This time we BOTH had issues. On her end, she was having her voice echoed back to her.

On mine, I could BARELY hear her (and I went max volume but still couldn't hear her). There was also frequent static/beeping and my headset kept getting cut off. IDK wtf was going on but needless to say we didn't get to play online together because of it.

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I returned the headset back to the retailer and I am currently between being angry at my controller as well as struggling to find a decent headset that will work. Given the experiences I have had, I am very distrustful of what the markets are offering.

My anger towards the controller is because personally I feel like this was a strategy that the brand, Power, implimented. They took away the connection for xbox one headsets and made it so you had to buy (potentially one of theirs) a new headset.

The point of this post is, can anyone recommend a good headset thats not gonna give me hell? Note I can't exactly afford anything over £50 atm.


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