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Recommending Dying Light after 100 hours

I got Dying Light for the first time on my PS4 in 2016 when the enhanced edition came out. A week ago I got a notification on steam that Dying Light went on sale for 12 euros. I have pretty good memories about the game and am very excited for the sequel so I thought its a good chance to experience the game again before the release of < sequel > . And the game is what my last two weeks of life have been. I originally put about 40 hours into Dying Light and now 60 hours on steam and I cant do anything else but recommend it.

The story is kinda lackluster and I don't really want to talk about because it isn't the pulling point. Here's what I want to talk about:

The World:

The city of Harran is not only a big place horizontally but mostly vertically with a lot of buildings and very detailed interiors which add so much character to the world. The alleys of slums are very small and claustrophobic opposite to old town which has bigger streets and bigger more varied rooftops. Both are perfect for jumping around and doing parkour. I spent hours just running around in the city hopping on buildings, jumping through zombies and running through interiors. On the other hand the countryside offers big mostly empty spaces tailored for the buggy which I liked less than the parkour but I enjoyed taking care of it in exchange of getting through the world quick. Dying Light looks absolutely stunning for a 2015 game and I was very surprised that games could look this good 6 years ago. All underlined by a an atmospheric soundtrack.

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Gameplay Loop:

The main point of my enjoyment of Dying Light. You get three skill trees filled with meaningful skills that feel satisfying to unlock because I actually want them. Nowadays there is a huge saturation of useless skills in skill trees to the point that getting upgrades this good was a huge motivation for me to progress. They are Survival, Power and Agility. You gain points into each of them by performing combat, doing parkour or helping citizens and going out at night (and other risky stuff). This system feels so great. You jump around to get a new agility skill which if you use you get more points and you get a new ability which you use and get more points and so on and so on. Its a loop that is so much fun to exercise.On top of this you get a weapon system in which you can modify weapons with multiple types of damage and found modifiers. The weapons look really cool with visual modifications and slicing through zombies with your newly modifies medieval sword never gets old. Weapons break and it is a very much needed mechanic in this game. I many times got too comfortable with one weapon so the need to try something new with just how many there are makes sense. One weapon also lasts quite a long time until it breaks so you'll be pretty bored with it by the time you say goodbye.

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After 60 hours in my new save I feel like I have sourced all there is in the game. I haven't played Bozak or Hellraid but with main game and following I got all achievements and there is pretty much nothing to do. Maxed out all my trees and without nothing to progress the game has little initiative to keep grinding.


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