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Red Dead Redemption 2 has the worst save system I’ve ever encountered.

Does Rockstar not trust us to know how to save properly? Or is the script of the world so complex that it has to backtrack and move our character whenever we save just to make sure nothing gets screwed up? A few examples of this that have really just made me throw my hands up in frustration.

  1. I came upon a random encounter in the woods that I wanted to ensure went correctly and also wanted to replay to see different outcomes. I saved manually. After I was done the first time, I reloaded, thinking I would reload right in the bushes where I was. Nope. I'm placed in an adjacent piece of empty land, and when I returned to the area the encounter is no longer there.

  2. I was finishing up playing for the night and opted to save the game right after I rested in the camp, thinking this would load me next time right in the heart of the camp. Nope. Again when reloading I find myself now in the middle of nowhere, and have to yet again ride back to camp.

  3. The Autosave. I don't know what its priority is exactly, but in my experience it seems to be "literally after anything happens do it immediately". On my current playthrough I'm trying to go the honorable route. I had a random encounter where someone was flagging me down for help. I was already going very fast so I had to double-back and go around the rock he was standing on. Well, the physics engine being what it is, I somehow turned too wide and my horse knocked into him as I stopped. I lost honor and the man started shooting at me. Annoyed, I tried to reload, only to discover the autosave thought this event was of immense importance, and decided to save my progress right after my horse touched him.

Why exactly is it so hard for this game to save the world as it was when I click save and to place me back in that moment when I hit load?


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