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Red Dead Redemption 2 is the best game I’ve ever played.

This game is a fucking work of art. Everything is so well made, so polished, so incredible; it has made and will make all other games seem rushed and unfinished by comparison. There is not one stone put in the world without thought. The world absolutely feels real, it makes even GTAV's open world look like a school project. It reaches levels of immersion I never felt with any other game. And on top of that, it has SO MUCH content, I have never seen another game with this much fun, non filler stuff to do! The stuff to do in the open world hooked me almost as much as the campaign, and that is an amazing achievement considering how good the campaign is.

And the story.. I see why Dan Houser quit Rockstar after this. This is his magnum opus, and it is a tale I will never forget. I just hope Rockstar doesn't make a habit out of shattering my heart with their games like this.

Every single character is masterfully written. I doubt I will forget any of them for many years. Charles, Reverend Swanson, Dutch, John, Abigail, Karen, Arthur.. They all feel like real people after spending so much time with them.


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I did feel like the campaign took a bit of a nosedive after and during Guarma though. The game still had more to give but it just wasn't on the same level as the first half. Considering at this point the player is also dissatisfied with where the fate of the gang is heading and has nothing to do but sit and watch it all crumble, it doesn't grip as well as the first half, especially if you're like me and did most of the open world content before reaching that part of the story. I also didn't like the introduction of the natives in the last part, i don't have a problem with the characters or their story by itself; and their missions definitely have their moments but i think it would've been a better idea to wrap up the story of the gang in a more introspective manner, instead of taking attention from what we care about most in the game's world.

Also fuck Micah, that fucking snake.


The gameplay is not stellar, but never during my 80 hours of playtime was I bored or dissatisfied with the shooting. At the end of the day, it's just the RAGE engine combat we've been used to since Max Payne 3. Yet it is still the biggest flaw of this game. It desperately wants to be something more than a reskin of Gears of War, but whether by limitations or by something else it just couldnt get out of that shell. Mowing down armies of people in each story mission feels out of place and disconnected in a game like this, even if the shooting itself may not be bad.

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There isn't much music in the game; but when it comes at you during a scripted story mission, it can and will most likely be amazing. And without spoiling anything, I will say that there are a couple of setpieces where the music hits big time, and those are definitely some highlights of the game.

The graphics are the best I've ever seen. It looks like real life, sometimes better. Nothing more to say.Some minor gripes I have are: Time/lighting can change suddenly during cutscenes and its a bit jarring, a few very minor bugs that feel really out of place when everything else is so polished, and that the very last part of the game drags a bit, even though the story never loses its quality.

Play this game if you haven't. A must experience for any gamer. Worth every penny.


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