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For anyone who cares, I've started a list of all of blizzard's (currently ative) games and made a list of other, alternative games.

Here is the following Color Code :

Red : Blizzard Game, please teach them a lesson this time instead of just saying you'll boycott like what happened with the hong kong incident.

Pink : Perfect match on both playstyle and genre, equal pricing or cheaper, company is free from major controversy (that I could find), extremely easy to access, large playerbase, active support.

Green : Well-Known Company, Cheaper than its Blizzard Counterpart, easily accessible, actively supported, genre-match and playstyle match.

Yellow : There might be a mismatch; the company may be obscure or less-than-upstanding, the genre might not match perfectly or it might be equally-priced (or more expensive). Yellow games are a match in MOST areas, but may be slightly lacking in others.

Orange : The game is there because it technically matches and someone may find it to be a decent alternative, but I don't expect it to be widely picked up.

Light Blue : That's entirely subjective but I like that game. Play that game. Don't play blizz games.

Keep in Mind that this list will keep getting updated — I wanted to get the initial draft out there, but I will update it as I have time to invest in it, and feel free to make suggestions in the comments.

Remember, the goal here is to provide good game alternatives; don't bash on people for supporting blizzard, give them the knowledge of the other choices they can take, because a lot of the time people who play blizzard games aren't really aware of the wealth of games there can be out there with just a few minutes of research; and if doing the research for them means they'll step away from blizzard and make their stock price plummet, I'll gladly take half an hour out of my day.

Here is a list of the top (#1) alternatives for each game if you don't want to open the spreadsheet :


This is pretty much a perfect match for WoW, and I'm sure everyone is well aware. The only reason it's green and not pink is because there's no WoW token alternative, which is a shame for people who have a lot of time but little money. Their monthly subscription IS cheaper though, if you're paying with actual money. Not by a ton, but still cheaper by like 10-20%.

MTGA (Hearthstone)

The playstyle is definitely very different from hearthstone, but the MTG playstyle has been tried and tested and persists over the years. Alternatively you could try out the others on the list, but I think MTGA is the strongest contender there. It's got a solid tutorial (can be a little annoying but it definitely gets the point across regarding game mechanics), and it has a name that everyone's going to recognize. It is being actively supported. The biggest controversy I could find on Wizards of the Coast was that they were accused of Satanism because of D&D, which is a less than compelling argument.

It's free to play, just like hearthstone, but you can buy boosters… just like hearthstone. It takes a bit of getting used to, but it's a viable alternative — the differential in gameplay is what keeps it from a perfect rating.

Ashes of the Singularity (SC2/SC1)

It's an RTS. You get resources, you beat people's asses, you get a win screen. It plays similarly to SC2 and is getting active support from its makers. It's rated as yellow because of two issues, that being pricing; given the current state of sc2 (free to play with optional expansions being bought), obviously any option other than "free" will be more expensive, which is something to think about, and it focuses more highly on large-scaled battles than intimate ones. The creators are also behind Sins of a Solar Empire, which (in my opinion) sings their praises.

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun (Warcraft 3)

This one earns an orange rating, because there really aren't many good modern hero-based RTSes and this was the best one I could find. This isn't really an RTS as much as it is hero-based, but if you want RTS more than heroes you're probably playing SC2 anyway. And if you want multiplayer, you're probably ALSO playing SC2, because let's be real… The W3 dream is dead and reforged only added rocks on top of the grave. The game is normally 43$ but, as of writing this (2021-07-22), it has a 90% discount on steam (around $6). Plus, either way, you can probably use your warcraft 3 refund to buy it if you're interested.

By the way, game's got a 91% positive rating on steam.

Path of Exile (Diablo)

The only game to get a pink rating here, path of exile is basically diablo, but 100% free. No, really. It's just free. Download it now, get your friends on, stop playing diablo.

DotA (HoTS)

This gets a yellow rating because of a very steep learning curve, but the playstyle is very similar to League of Legends, and it's made by Valve. I could've suggested Riot, but they're… iffy, what with the CEO being sued for sexual harassment and firing an employee because she wouldn't fuck him while his wife wasn't home.

Plus, DotA gives you every hero playable for free, if you want skins you pay, but the game itself is very much playable for free from the getgo.

DotA Autochess (Battlegrounds)

Autochess was the original auto-battler, and it's on PC now! It's still supported, free to play, and has all the elements of Battlegrounds that you know and love. It's 100% free, give it a shot!

End Note : The spreadsheet linked at the top is a google spread sheet and will be updated as I find more time. My intention is to modify it over time so that it becomes a trove for alternative gaming options; one centralized list of games that you can easily look up. The end form may very well be extremely different, but forgive me; I didn't have entire hours to spend on this.

Anybody can send suggestions in the comments and make comments on the sheet for me to see when I come back to this!


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