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Replaying BioShock 2 left me with a big question

BioShock 2 plays out like an improved version of the first one gameplay wise (I won’t get too much into the story). You’re now a Big Daddy, “Delta”, and can use the river gun along within the drill that Big Daddy’s carry, you can use plasmids, and now can melee with every weapon instead of needing a wrench. A lot of the original game carries over into this one, just with quality of life improvements

Another thing that gets carried over is using Little Sisters as a source of Adam, with the choice to save or harvest the sisters. Harvesting them gets it over with quickly, while “adopting” them turns large sections of the game into an escort mission, as you’ll have to carry each sister twice to a corpse full of Adam and protect them as Splicers come to attack, with most of the levels having three Little Sisters each.

But having that choice at all is what doesn’t make sense to me. How is it possible for a Big Daddy to do any harm to a Little Sister? From the moment they’re first introduced, anytime someone threatens a Sister, a Daddy kills them on sight. A Splicer attacks a Sister in the first game early on, and a Daddy murders him. It’s said over the PA that approaching a Little Sister is a criminal offense, and in both the first and second game, walking towards a Little Sister triggers the Big Daddy with her to lunge at you. Suchong’s audio diary where he vents over Daddy’s not bonding with Sisters is cut short when he slaps a Little Sister, leading her Big Daddy to kill him immediately. Why are you suddenly able to harvest a Little Sister? The entire second game revolves around how Delta is different than the other Daddies, you hear it from Tenenbaum and Sinclair and even the Little Sister’s after you take down their Daddy. I’ve thought of some counter arguments but they don’t answer the problem

  • You could argue that a Daddy can only bond with one Sister (a major plot point of BioShock Infinite Burial at Sea Episode Two elaborates on how a Big Daddy needs to imprint on a Sister), but the fact that a Daddy will look around for Sisters even after you’ve saved them all makes it seem like they look out for any Sister to protect.

  • Maybe a Little Sister can be vulnerable to anyone that hasn’t imprinted on them. This also doesn’t make sense though, because after you kill a Big Daddy in 2, when you walk up to their Little Sister, she’ll immediately ask if you’re going to take care of her from now on without needing an imprint. She won’t inject you with Adam like the girls in Burial at Sea did, you can just put her on your shoulder on that’s that.

  • And to add on to that last point, even the first game proves that the Sister can go with anybody who seems like a Big Daddy. You have to masquerade as a Big Daddy to get her help, and all you need is the outfit and pheromones

The only argument I can see is that

  • It’s not canon to hurt a Little Sister in either the first or second game. BioShock 2 shows that the protagonist Jack from the first game is seen as a hero in Rapture. The only way for that to be possible is that Jack never chose to harvest any, or less than a couple, Little Sisters, since the evil ending you get after harvesting every sister ends with you leading Splicers onto the surface and stealing nuclear weapons.

Is there a part of the lore I’m maybe missing or is it an actual plot hole in the game?


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