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REQUEST Game for Teen with Disabilities

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I work at a home for kids with developmental disabilities, and I'm always looking for new ways to interact with them. Most of the kids at my home are cognitively about 2 years old (or younger), but my buddy Alex (pseudonym) is 16 and very capable of making his own decisions and communicating (cognitively and physically a teenager). Unfortunately, Alex can't speak and can only communicate by laughing, moving his head and raising his arms. While that is usually enough for me to understand him on a basic level, it really limits the ways we can interact. In the past, we've played a lot of Akinator (basically 20 questions), since it is easy for him to answer yes or no to the game's questions, but that's about it as far as phone games go.

I was hoping you guys might be able to give me some suggestions for games the two of us could try together. Here's what we'd be looking for in a game.

– no mechanical challenges… Alex can't move his fingers, so I'll be touching the screen. While he'd probably think it was pretty funny to watch me fail at platforming or something, it'd get old fast, and I want him to be the one playing the game.

– no super mature themes… Alex can definitely handle it, and actually thinks sex jokes are hilarious (he watches a lot of family guy), but we'd likely be playing the game in a public space near other kids… and I don't want to get fired.

-some humor… This isn't a requirement, but it'd be nice. Alex has a pretty great sense of humor. He especially slapstick stuff like jackass and impractical jokers.

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-can be played in 15ish minute sessions (or less)… I have a lot to do at work, and while I sometimes get opportunities to hang out with Alex for 30 minutes+ at a time, it'd be nice to have a game or two I could play with him in between jobs.

-involves decision making… (not mandatory) I was thinking maybe some game where I can read options to him and he picks em? I'm not sure what is out there in this genre tho…

Thanks for any suggestions! I'd really appreciate the help. 🙂

I have a pixel 3a if that matters.


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