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[REQUEST] HELP – New Phone But Scared…???

Content of the article: "[REQUEST] HELP – New Phone But Scared…???"

Hi. I recently got a new phone with a 660+ Snapdragon and a 5000 MAH battery that gets me usually 4 days of life with 12-13 hours screen on time doing just regular browsing, videos, and calls and stuff… I don't use it a ton actually currently but I think I would a lot more with a game… But it makes me worried…. Here is why:

So I was thinking of playing some new games. I caught my eyes on Dragon Raja. It looks pretty good and I think it has a story and a social aspect as well from what I saw…

But I am kinda a scared loser. My phone has all the minimum requirements with my just over/closest to minimum setting being my 600+ series snapdragon…

I was worried that playing the game might ruin my phone? Maybe I would hurt the battery or the graphics card or something? I spend a few hundred dollars on my phone and I know it's not a lot to some people… But it was a TON to me. This is the best phone I have ever had and it's not a "flagship" but I still don't want to ruin it… Or mess it up somehow or get virus somehow?

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I know phones are meant to be used and played on and stuff but I am scared of losing my amazing battery life over time or breaking the snapdragon or something. Also I worry that maybe I could get a virus or scammer calls because even though games have a million downloads they can still be bad and harmful right?

I also have 1 Tablet that is 7 years old. It has 1GB Ram and a 400+ series Snapdragon and a 6 hour screen on battery. I can not play like any games on it but so far I have only ever downloaded apps on it because it has a 6 hour battery and it only cost me $10 so I don't worry if it breaks as much. The best game I have actually been able to play on it is "7 Years From Now". BUT I do want to play more games as well that my tablet can't handle aka almost every single other game….

I really want to play a fun and cute game and make friends and have a good enjoyable experience…. But I am scared… Can you all help me? This would be the first time playing any games or game downloads on my new phone… Please help?

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Also I don't want to download a ton of games just to not like them and have to uninstall them right after… I have had to do that on my tablet a ton because a lot of games just suck but also most won't work on my old tablet….

Should I try playing Dragon Raja and others or just keep my phone for general browsing and phone calls and stuff?


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