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[Request] Looking For Games Like…. Long Request Post

Content of the article: "[Request] Looking For Games Like…. Long Request Post"

This is my second attempt at posting this. Please give me game Recommendations rather than telling me to get an emulator. If I get an emulator I will do that on my own… So don't post about emulators please…

I just want a fun game. Prefer Free or Very Cheap. A lot of story but well written and interesting. Kinda like and RPG. It doesn't need "Good Graphics" because honestly I prefer the look of the old GBA Games and RuneScape. It can have "Good Graphics" just not toooo flashy and not fast paced. I like slow paced…

A Couple Examples of old games I played are are Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Harry Potter, and Medabots. They have a good story and are turn based games during fights but the fights have some meaning rather than killing countless hordes of innocent creatures. I used to have these games on GBA until they were stolen years ago. They cost like $30 each so might not find a good a game as those.

In addition I would like some type of romantic interest. Kinda like how Undertale had some romance… But I would love to date an NPC… I kinda take advantage of AI Dungeon for stuff like that…. But I would like a bit of romance. This is NOT needed. An example romance game with romance between the npcs is 7 years from now and with me being DDLC. These are even rarer than a story with a good game so it's not required.

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I would like my choices to matter IF I am given choices. An example being Life Is Strange. Although in the end the choices don't matter THAT much I still like se choice. Since this is rare it also is not required.

Some other games I have played and like are Clash Of Clans, Dokkan Battle, Puzzles And Dragons, Dragon Raga, and Alchemia Story.

On the NSFW side (Only read this part if you are over 18) I always wanted to Play something like Monster Girl Quest that actually has a story (Because I totally went on youtube and watched videos of it) but Idk how to find it or other games like it. I see a lot of games on youtube playthrough that have great stories and some are NSFW but I like them but can never find them? How do I find these games particularly "Monster Girl Quest". It's supposed to be a huge and long game and very NSFW but supposedly has a good story aside from that…. I am into monster girls and guys and furries….

And yes I am only asking for ANDROID PLAYSTORE or something safe whatever other way you get apps on an Android Phone?

If you wanna list me an MMO or Social Game that is okay as well. Let me know… But mainly I want a solo game.

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Oh and please tell me how FREE the game is? I hate the "Freemium" way android games are these days. If there are any games without this "Freemium" playstyle that is a bonus.

Again NOTHING on here is a make or break… Just list me a good game you think is good that might fit this list.

Things I don't like

Endless PVP centered games Endless PVE vs innocent creatures First Person Shooters Stories that are very bland and poorly written with no heart.

Thank you and HELP ME!!???


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