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(REQUEST), Want a decent platform game with no or minimal fighting. Example: Cat Bird, Dadish and Dadish 2.

I am looking for a platform game: (It should become free)

1) With no or minimal fighting,

3) I would like if the game have features like "Double Jump". Just tapping jump and pressing jump for long will affect the jump height. Changing direction in mid air is instant. Releasing the movement button in mid air should stop the movement immediately.

4) Graphics doesn't really matter, but I am using a potato, so pixelated graphics will probably be better.

5) If a game features a special mechanic, that is not found in many games, then it is fine, as long as it is subtle and not completely ruin the "platformness" of the game. For example, in Cat Bird, pressing and holding jump button causes the cat to use its wings (hence cat bird) to fall down slowly.

6) I want a game which requires skill in crossing the platforms, dodging traps etc and not in solving puzzles.

7) Should be able to run offline.

8) Should be small in size. About 50MB is fine

As already mentioned, Cat Bird, Dadish and Dadish 2, meet these requirements. So I want a game like these.

Here are some games I tried before posting this, that couldn't make the cut:

1) Nameless Cat: Changing direction in mid air is not instant, no double jump. Releasing movement button in mid air doesn't stop the movement immediately. The game feels like there is some input lag.

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2) Yeah Bunny: The player moves on its own, and it moves fast. I want to be able to control both, the movement and the jump. Because of these issues, I didnt tried the second part of the game.

3) Oddmar: 480MB, requires internet, graphics are too good for my potato, I watched a gameplay video, and it seems it requires solving some puzzles.

I know I am being too choosy, but I want a game which is challenging because of hard levels, and not hard controls. Double jump and other mechanics allow that. I dont want solve puzzles, those games are challenging just because of the puzzles, and not because of the actual map of the level. My phone is old, its battery backup is meh. I have to keep it plugged in charge. But when plugged in charge, the touch screen behaves badly. If I touch and hold on one part of the screen, for some reason, it also register touch on otjer parts of the screen as well. Idk why this happens, but it happens only when charging (grounding issue maybe ?). And this is not suitable for platform games as your player can switch direction in mid air on its own, might not double jump or not jump at all. So I have to turn of wifi to save as much power as possible. And also, turning wifi of disables ads.

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Thanks in advance.



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