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Resi 2 – Not All That?

Content of the article: "Resi 2 – Not All That?"

I've just played through the original Resident Evil 2 on Dreamcast, in preparation for playing the new PS4 iteration.

I've somehow managed to play every "classic" RE title incl 1.5 without ever playing 2 (yeah, I don't know how that happened either). Fully expected to be blown away given how it's usually held up as the pinnacle of the series, but I kind of felt that it was a bit flat. Don't get me wrong, nothing particularly bad about it per se – just not brilliant. For balance, I played Code Veronica immediately beforehand so I had realistic expectations of what a traditional Resi game is like.

The difference between the two titles are for my mind; 1 – Characters and story – yeah the "Titanic" storyline of Claire and Steve is quite cheesy, as are the bad guys in CV – but at least there is character development and you feel for them. 2 – Environments – I think that the police station is obviously the iconic RE environment barring maybe the mansion, but it isn't as big as I expected it to be and I found the later environments largely forgettable. I felt like CV (whilst having lots of annoying back tracking) tried harder to make multiple creepy environments including a mansion without losing the military base feel. 3 – Bosses – there aren't many, and they don't really fit into the story – heck, the last boss in RE2 I think is just some random monster that appears, with no prior involvement in the story. When I saw the mutated plant in RE2 I thought "oh cool, there's gonna be a huge boss around the corner" but nope, nothing. 4 – Puzzles – again, pretty rudimentary and few and far between.

I'm not holding up CV as the best game in the series (I know that it's not), and it was technically also a generation later. I'd also add that I only played through Leon's campaign.

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I just expected to be more blown away by RE2 than I was, and I don't think that it's aged particularly worse than any other RE game.


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