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Resident Evil 2 – The Best Survival Horror This Gen?

Content of the article: "Resident Evil 2 – The Best Survival Horror This Gen?"

I've had my eye on Resident Evil 2 (2019) since it came out. As someone who enjoys survival horror, Resident Evil has always stuck out to me. I actually played a very small portion of the original as a young kid, but I didn't get far.

Resident Evil 2 captures the horror very well—from the dark, zombie infested hallways of the RPD station to the Umbrella Lab there's always something lurking about. Each location has some unique enemy types who keep things fresh, and you get new weapons at a regular pace.

Then . . . there's Mr. X. The tyrant himself. The part of the game I was equal parts looking forward to and dreading. Part of the reason I enjoy horror games is the sense of uneasiness and tension they create. Mr. X is unadulterated power incarnate. He's merciless, and he strikes hard.

Yet after he's been in the game a few hours, it's more a cat and mouse game. I had a specific route I could take to dodge him. I knew he was vulnerable to flashbangs and it became more about looking at him as a puzzle instead of a barrage of death.

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Still, having him show up exactly where I needed to go and seeing his hulking form round a corner never really got less terrifying.

I did a Leon A/Claire B run, and enjoyed both—though I do wish the latter had more variation than the former. It also seems incredibly hard to reconcile them as canon with one another. After Mr. X straight up died in a different way I gave up and started looking at it as an alternate universe timeline.

Resource management is another source of tension. The game start off well, but in Leon's campaign, and particularly in Claire's, there's an overabundance of ammo. By the end I was stockpiling gunpowder and had more weapons than I knew what to do with.

Shall I ever revisit this game in the future, I'll be cranking the difficulty up to hard most likely.

Thinking on it, Resident Evil 2 is the best survival horror game this generation that I've played. There's a slickness and style to the gritty horror, and it works well. Though the story holds little surprise and I wish the scenarios were more different than they are, there's still unrelenting horror aplenty and I couldn't get enough of RE2.


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