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Resident Evil 4 is not fantastic

Finished Resident Evil 4 a year ago but i finally want to share my feelings because i think that i am the only person who doesn't completely adores the game. I played the game on PCSX2 emulator.

A few days before Resident Evil 8 release i finally decided to binge play through (almost) the entire series, starting from PS1 version of RE1 and going up. I thought RE1 was pretty janky and it's writing and voice acting could be better (i legit lol'd when i found half-eaten corpse and Chris' reaction was "now he is a shell of his former self"). RE2 was simply amazing. I didn't finished RE3 because i got tired of playing pretty much the same game over and over again (the same way i didn't finished Silent Hill 3).

Before i begin i may assume that some issues might be from emulator or that some things that are very common now were amazing back in a day. Also i want to say things i liked: Ashley is a great companion and i liked having her. Section with regenerators was cool. But first section with the village was top notch for me. I enjoy "rundown village" kind of horrors, like Undead Settlement in Dark Souls III or most of the Resident Evil 7.

First issue – maps were dumbed down a lot. It was a lot of fun exploring big mansion or laboratories of previous games, not knowing what will you find. Not to mention that you had to keep in mind all the unfinished puzzles or closed doors. What you have in Resident Evil 4 is corridor chain of linear shoot-out locations. When you don't walk straight corridor it's usually because of pseudo-corridor called "you have two doors, one is locked, other leads to the key to the former door".

Second issue – not only maps were dumbed down. Puzzles almost ceased to exist. It's all just "go forward, collect key item, go forward, use key item, repeat". I mean, former games had puzzles like these, but with aforementioned level design you had to look for key items or if you found key item – you had to look for place where you could use it. But if you have linear corridors it just doesn't work.

Third issue – ok i get that it might be "year" issue. But i didn't enjoyed most of the "fights". In 90% it's just "shoot the head, then maybe shoot the tentacle". What made it irritating is that some things almost weren't designed to be used on console. It's pretty hard to aim at constantly twisting and twirling parasite tentacle or shoot out flying projectiles (like axes).

Fourth issue – i just can't stand sometimes how ridiculously cheesy it is. Leon roundhouse kicking zombies, doing kick-backflips in cutscenes, it's Metal Gear Twin Snakes all over again.

And all of these combine in last but probably my biggest issue – it's just WAAAAAAAAAAAY TOOOOO LOOOOONG. People often complain about island part being very long. Bitch please… I already felt it that it was dragging in castle area. Island part was actually pretty ok.

I end it with PSA: To all people who complain about Resident Evil 5 and 6 being dumb shooters but like RE4 – you make zero sense. You have no good arguments. Everything about "dumbing down the game in favor of shooty action" applies to Resident Evil 4. I swear, Resident Evil 7 is better "resident evil" than RE4.


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