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Resident Evil 5 Made me my week!

After Finishing Revelations , i absolutely craved for some more Resident Evil and immediately started playing Resident Evil 5 the next day. Made me feel like playing RE4 Again and i am glad that i chose to play RE5 this week because its over the top story and gameplay was just what i needed.

Felt like i was back in late 2000s again , story was so cliche and i loved every moment of it , reminded me of those simpler times when stuff like this was considered to be dark and edgy…… atleast for mainstream. The Vibe it gives off is very nostalgic and i am all for villans like Wesker!!!!! and Chris punching a boulder lol , its the right blend of horror and action which makes it so that you are never really bored while playing even without a partner.

Unfortunately for me , i play on PC and i couldn't get around to install that Co-op fan Mod and i wanted to play it so badly with my sister. We played RE6 together 1½ Years ago and it was a blast. She fell in love with Leon and chris and wanted to try this out like we did before. I'd still try again but i don't see much hope for the mod to work. Regardless , playing singleplayer was also fun and actually more immersive then i thought , i still treated Sheva like a real partner and usually shared my stuff with her. The Partner Ai Actually helps in game for once , she manages ammo pretty well and also helps me when i am near death situations , i am just gonna appreciate the sheer effort of not making this hard on singleplayers.

Saving jill and kicking Wesker's butt was fun , whenever he made his evil monologues it brought me back to those old times when this was a must and was expected from villans. Its one of those "Secret Virus attack funded by government and now two cool badass and EPIC PARTNERS IN SAVING THE WORLD WILL PUT A STOP TO IT ! with a pistol and insufficient supply ammo :)" that does it for me. I miss this part of Resident evil in the newer games honestly , felt like i played Resident Evil 4 (2) but with Chris on steroids and a really sexy partner like sheva , yes i now have a crush on Sheva…….

Gunplay can be hard to adjust to but just like RE4 , when you get used to it , there's no stopping you from kicking ass in style……. except some heavy gunners and weird insects that pop out of the cocoon and HOLY FUCKING SHIT I AM DEAD ALREADY STOP STABBING BROOOO!!!! and i am dead…..again. Seriously , one move kill?.. The Atmosphere is great , although it didn't really change much from 4 , its again the same retarded population of Africa which is infected with a virus thaf makes them hate you…..tho i am pretty sure they would have hates me anyway so they just their T-Virus supply. They make that same " Bad guys" face like before and it feels like they are mocking me , gives me a good reason to headshot the mfs without regret.

Saved Jill from becoming a sandwich. Uroboros was….. something…i guess….and then there's a fight with Wesker….and he can dodge bullets , too bad i am still going to attempt at shooting him. Man literally comes out of lava to scream "CHRIS!!!!!" , alright!!!! i love you too bro , here's a partying gift i am sure you'll have a "blast" with it.

At last i just wanna say that i had a great time and would like to appreciate it by writting this post because why not.



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