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Resident Evil Rankings. #3

We made it Boys and Girls. We are in the top 3. Thank you everyone who has supported these reviews. My first one got panned, so I think the Karma has broken even now lol. Jokes aside, I know a few of you have followed the reviews and commented on each and every one and I just wanted to say thank you for your time 🙂

Firstly, I want to say that I feel that each and every one of the my favorite Resident Evil games are worth playing for EVERYONE. They are all incredible in their own way. Someone mentioned in a earlier review that they had never played a resident evil game. Honestly from here on out I can't recommend them enough. ESPECIALLY the top to spaces… But we are getting ahead of ourselves.

Resident Evil 4 was the first game in the series to take the franchise in a new direction, focusing less on horror and more on combat, switching the fixed camera perspective of the original games to an over the shoulder, 3rd person view that would be used until the latest iteration, which would shake things up again.

Resident Evil 5 carried on this action focus but cranking the action up to 11 and things only escalated from there, but where a lot of people disliked 5 and 6, Resi 4 is often said to be the best resident evil game ever. So lets find out why that is..

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I'm going to start with the bad here, as there honestly isn't a lot. Firstly, while I'm sure the graphics looked okay on the game cube, even while in HD the game looks, kinda meh. The muted greys and browns are a little bland I guess, but great places to explore with a great atmosphere. Its a minor complaint, and no point have been reduced in my score, as its an older game and not that bad. But If they remade this game with a new lick of paint, I would honestly play it all over again quite happily.

There is also a lot of quick time events. Not as many as Resident Evil 6, not by a long shot. But there still annoying. MOST of the deaths in this game were because a cutscene came one, so I grabbed a drink, or checked the camera to see if my son was still sleeping in his cot, id look up and boom. Dead. QTE's are annoying, and I'm glad the game industry realized that too (although far to slowly)

And that's it- The rest of the game is incredible. The story is great (and cheesy in the best possible way) You do need to defend Ashley (The president daughter of course) at times, but I never found it to be annoying to be honest.

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The gun play is brilliant- Much like Resi 5, you cannot move and shoot at the same time. The enemies are built around this limitation, so when they get close they almost stalk you to give you chance to react, and if they have a long ranged attack, you can normally shoot the projectile out of their hand or the air before it lands. I love this slow paces combat, and taking your ability to move while aiming adds a new layer of tension.

Between the shooting segments, you are given a hug area to explore, each on brilliant as brilliant as each other. The boss fights are fantastic, with a minor complaint of Leon acting like he knows one boss, but I have never seen him mentioned in any other game, which I thought was an odd choice.

There was also a sub plot of Ada, only an hour or two but ran parallel to Leon's story in a great way, which I really enjoyed.

Honestly, I can't recommend this game enough. Particularly as its on every console going, for a very cheap price- Bonus as this is the second longest game in the franchise, clocking in at around 16 hours for me and I give Resi 4 a 9/10


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