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Resident Evil Rankings. #4

We are nearly into the top three territory now, and it's getting harder to choose what should go where. In fact this spot very nearly went to Resident Evil 5

However decided against it, as I will probably never play Resi 5 in single player, where as Resident Evil 1 game can be twice and be a completely new experience.

That said, no matter how far up the list it is, I do have some problems with this game. Annoyingly though, I understand why most of the choices have been made, so I feel I cant judge them to harshly.

So, for those who have lived under a rock for 25 year and have no idea what the plotline is to the first Resident Evil. You play as either Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine. You get separated from the other members of your team and look for them in a mansion filled with Zombies. Shenanigan's ensue (The word Shenanigan's just isn't used enough, is it?)

Firstly, I think the way the character choices work is genius. Due to limitations in hardware and space in the initial release, each character works differently. Chris Has less inventory space, starts without a gun and but has more health and moves faster. Jill starts with a gun, quickly gets a lockpick to get into rooms immediately, and obviously has more inventory space, but is a little more squishy. So far, pretty standard stuff, however there story lines also, change. Jill's focuses on her fellow team member Barry Burton, who we don't see again until Resident Evil Revelations 2 While Chris Meets up with Rebecca Chambers, a character who we never see again, but does appear in a prequel game (That I have not played) Resident Evil Zero.

The reason I say this is genius is that the developers managed to put two different storylines, into one game, but because they share the same map, they had the space for it. A brilliant solution, that I don't think many other devs copied (although don't quote me on that!)

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And talking of the map- The mansion and surrounding grounds are AMAZING and genuinely one of the best game worlds I have ever explored. You learn your way around the level (particularly the main Manor) intimately, doubling back to open new areas up when you find new items. ALMOST in a metroidvania fashion, but on a much smaller scale. Anyone who knows me in real life will tell you I am a sucker for game worlds like this and would rather a game have a small, tightly connected world than a massive sprawling one every day of the week. In fact most bigger open world games bore me very quickly.

But as I said earlier MOST of my compliments also have a downside on this game. Now the game world is the exception to this rule, but the two different storylines are not. In every Resident Evil I have completed every canon campaign with two exceptions. The first exception was Resident Evil 6 and this was the other exception. I finished and really enjoyed the Jill Campaign. My biggest complaint was that the small amount of inventory made me backtrack more time than needed, especially in a game that already requires you to backtrack a lot to complete puzzles. So when I read that Chris not only had less inventory space, it really turned me off playing through again. MAYBE If I had started with Chris, My opinion would have differed about trying the Jill campaign out, but the way I did it, the idea of backtracking even more Just turned me off the idea. I understand they carried the inventory system over from the original game, I just think that maybe in the remake the should have put key/ puzzle items going into a separate inventory with unlimited space, but then to re-balance the game, each players active inventory be decreased by 2. That means that Chris would only be able to carry 4 things. But you wouldn't need to backtrack to an item box once you solve a puzzle, to get the correct item, to go back to the room you started in (Made longer by the sometimes forced one-way system)

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Next I want to discuss the camera. RE 1, 2 & 3 all had fixed camera perspectives. In the 2 Remake and 3 Remake they have change the camera to a over the shoulder third person perspective, which leaves this as the last game with that fixed camera. And honestly I don't know how to feel about it. I know a lot of people like this perspective. In fact I watched a YouTube video who believed you cant class it as a survival horror game without it… and I admit, that it ramps the tension up massively. The fact that I know there is a zombie in the room but cant see it- makes it all the more terrifying. However, it can cause a issue with the controls, and sometimes its hard to get the character to walk in the direction you want them too, as there is a transition in the middle of the room. Admittedly it didn't happen to often, but you know what always fell bad to me? Shooting. As you cannot see the world from the character perspective there is no aiming. You just ready your gun (You can't move and Shoot) and fire in the general direction of a bad guy and pray that it hits. Its not to bad for the majority of enemies, but the fast ones, like the zombie dogs are just a nuisance.

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As I said- non of these issues I have judged to harshly as I do see the good side of them. But they also bug me a little bit so I feel I should mention them, as they did stop me playing the game through a second time. Really the game is tied with Resi 5, but gets slightly higher score due to the amazing map and atmosphere. I also think I should give a shout out to the enemy variety here, which is higher than a lot of the other games in the series. so overall I give this game a 8/10.

Edit- Sorry for two posts in one day. I am writing them when I can, and saving them as a draft to post once a day. Today I accidentally clicked post. Let's class it as making up for missing a post last Monday? Anyway, catch you tomorrow guys!


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