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Returnal Helpful Tips

Returnal's been out for 2 days, and I figured I'd post some tips since I got the game early and am halfway through Act II.

  • Don't always pick up a gun just because it has a higher Proficiency Level
    • Some guns will have better skills that outweigh any stat boosts you may receive
  • On the topic of guns, the more you use a gun, the more innate permanent skills you'll unlock for it even after you die
  • Protection and Recovery Artifacts are almost always better than anything else
    • Anything that lets you recover integrity, like when you're at low integrity, is gold
  • You can recover health at Helios
  • If you encounter multiple items, but only have 1 slot, use the item that is hit based, then grab the other item
    • I.e. If there's a Shield Vial or Obolite Siphon, use the Shield Vial as that Creates a Shield against the next hit, whereas the Obolite Siphon has a 30 second duration
  • Weapons with homing/leech skills are god. You can basically hide behind a pillar, duck out, shoot, then hide again.
    • When there's say a ton of the bat-like enemies, you can spray the room, and chances are they'll all die.
    • On the topic of bat enemies, focus on the ones charging (they'll flash yellow) first. You'll disrupt the attack.
  • Melee (if you have it unlocked) is great when an enemy is up close, especially for turrets.
  • Utilize doors if you enter a room with a ton of enemies. Exit, enter, pop off a few shots, then exit again.
  • Always be moving. This can't be said enough. You should always be dashing and moving, especially during the bosses. This only exception is if there's a stationary enemy, or something that's charging up a shot where you'd want to hide behind a pillar.
  • Always shoot bulbous or purple looking things. Chances are, they'll drop Obalites or Parasites.
  • Leave health items (large health items) if you're close to max integrity, as you can always circle back if you need health. Edit: If you’re at Full integrity, pick up the small ones as it’ll convert to Resin to boost Max Integrity
  • Hold on the Inert Reclaimers (Green beds which restore health) until you've largely explored the biome as there may also be a Regular Reclaimer (Red beds that damage health, but populate an item)
    • Obviously if you're desperate on health, use it.
  • You can always dash through Red Lasers
  • The shotgun IMO usually isn't worth it. You want to be shooting far away in case enemies spray bullets.
  • Be cognizant to use your Overload (pressing R2 in between the bars in the center reticle when a weapon is reloading).
    • It'll cut down on reload time if performed successfully and if you have certain artifacts, can provide a temp stat buff
  • Parasites that Boost Protection but lower how soon Obalites disappear (usually 1 second) are always worth it.
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