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Review My in-depth review of Prey (2017) – … It’s Incredible!

Content of the article: "Review My in-depth review of Prey (2017) – … It’s Incredible!"

This review does 𝗡𝗢𝗧 contain any spoilers.

Prey (2017) 9.5/10

One of the best games I have played in the past decade. Easily in my top 10 games of all time. A modern-day Bioshock… on crack!

I played Prey (2017) just after it released and really didn't know what to expect, I read that it had some cool weapons and crafting mechanics so I gave it a try… Oh My Goodness… it's incredible! I have now completed 5 full playthroughs and even created some mods for the game as well as helping others create or improve mods. It is genuinely one of the most immersive, jaw-dropping, captivating games I have ever played, I adore it.

I'll actually start by addressing some a few complaints I see occasionally by one or two people:

• "tHis IsN'T tHE sAmE As PrEy 2006! REEEEE!!" – And that's a bad thing? Oh no, a game with new ideas, newly imagined story, new mechanics, new things… are you kidding!? It was never marketed as a sequel, *You* just assumed it was.

• "It's too difficult!!" – Look, it can be a little challenging at the start because you're a pathetic weak human facing some unknown superior species, what do you expect. The game does get much easier as you progress – you learn your enemies weaknesses, you get stronger – in fact, the most common complaint I've seen is the game gets too easy towards the end, which it does in my opinion, that's why 90% of all mods for the game are to make it More challenging not easier, my mod dramatically increases the overall difficulty and it's still a bit too easy towards the end for my liking.
If you find it too hard at the start I urge you to Not quit or lower the difficulty but instead try changing how you approach it, running and gunning doesn't suit every game so try sneaking or distraction, there are always multiple ways to do something or get somewhere, find an alternative route or sometimes just accept that maybe you aren't strong enough to enter that area yet and it might be done that way on purpose so you enter that area or get that thing later in the game when it would benefit you the most.

• "It's repetitive (backtracking)" – What singleplayer game isn't a little repetitive? Would you prefer a linear game where you can't explore or if you miss something you can never go back?
Yes, you will need to backtrack sometimes to progress or to find things that might help you but it's not repetitive in my opinion, there's no Skyrim-Esque carbon copy fetch quests whereby only the NPC, object, and/or location changes but it's essentially the same exact quest, each objective whatever it might be has a purpose, it's too give you options, lead you places you might have ignored, it has an effect on the end game.

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Now for the good stuff and there is a lot so I'll keep it short because this review is getting out of hand:

  • Story – The story is fantastic, I really can't say anything more and I don't want to spoil anything. It's incredible, 10/10.
  • Graphics & Lighting – The visuals are typical Arkane Studios caricature style, some might not like it but I think it's OK. The lighting is brilliant especially if you use ReShade (used to be called SweetFX) which I highly recommend as a decent preset can escalate the game massively making it tougher in low-light situations and generally feel more nervy and tense.
  • Sound & Music – The soundtrack is epic, I have it on my phone and listen to when I want to chill out. The in-game sound effects are awesome too. The game audio does have a few bugs though; some NPCs sound like they're speaking right next to you but they're actually 5-meters away, while others are a bit quiet even when right beside you.
  • Looting & Crafting – The crafting is glorious. Really amazing, I love every part of it, it's so simple, so easy, but so effective. Can't fault it. Looting is similar to other games in this genre except with an awesome twist… I don't want to spoil it.
  • Mod support – It isn't as great as Skyrim or Fallout but many of us have created lots of fantastic mods that can really spice up the game once you've beat it and want to do it again or if you found it a little too easy the first time and want to increase the challenge. Check out the mods on NexusMods . com.
    Most mods are drag and drop, very easy and foolproof to install and remove.
  • Bugs – In 500+ hours of playing the only crashes or issues I ever experienced were from me creating and testing mods, the game itself never crashed once without me editing files and causing it to break.
    The only other bug I already mentioned, some human NPC's voices sound like they're further away or closer than they are.
  • Replayability – Without giving anything away there is plenty of replayability. Even though it's a custom-designed and scripted game like Skyrim, Half-Life, Fallout and not procedural generation, because of the game's mechanics, looting, crafting, weapons, and gameplay choices it's easily replayable 3 times minimum in my opinion, I'm on my 6th playthrough now.
    Then you can easily add a mod or 10 to really change it up and you've got another 3 or 4 playthroughs. I can't give any more details about how replayable it is without spoiling some game mechanics or game choices.
  • Performance/fps Very good, it's not hard to run at 100fps on ultra settings at 1440p. A 9-year-old GTX 670 will handle the game on max settings 720-1080p no problem.
  • Game length – Unless you blast through it on easy-mode and ignore everything except the main story, (you're an idiot if you do), there is easily 50+ hours of gameplay and it's very replayable. Each one of my playthroughs took 75-100 hours each and that wasn't RP'ing.
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Lastly, I highly recommend playing on Nightmare difficulty or at least Hard and disabling the HUD because as I mentioned it is an RPG-style game so it does reward you as you progress, it gets easier the more you play, therefore it's better to start on a higher difficulty than you normally would otherwise it may get boringly easy towards the end.

Also, I hugely encourage you to Not constantly save the game, let the game autosave, otherwise, it's easy to get into the bad habit of quickly saving every time you hear a noise or enter a new room which negatively affects the way you play. The game saves at good points and intervals, you won't die and lose 2-hours of gameplay don't worry.

Above all… take your time and enjoy it. Explore the hell out of the map, seriously, it's beautifully laid out and designed you can tell a lot of time and effort went into it, plus you will find lots of hidden shortcuts, resources, secrets, and information to the story.
One of my nephews blasted through the game's main story in roughly 15-hours because he's very young and impatient but he completely missed key points in the story, he didn't experience any of the human elements like NPC's stories some of which are just beautiful, he just didn't get or understand it. I encouraged him to play it a second time, he took his time and loved it, he's now beat it 3 or 4 times with 200+hrs played.

OK, I've already cut out large parts of this review because it's a tad long, I could sit here for hours typing about it… it's just incredible. It's such a shame that it didn't get the attention it deserved and is so underrated because of the name and people assuming it was a sequel.
It really is one of my top 10 favorite games of all time. Maybe it won't be for you but that's OK everyone is different, however, for me, it is truly one of the most immersive, captivating, mind-blowing games I have ever played.

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