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Review of Far Cry 3

Content of the article: "Review of Far Cry 3"

Platform: Windows PC

Controller Type: KB+M

Hours Played: 17.3 hrs

Completion Status: Main story completed

Far Cry 3 is the first Far Cry game I played, and one of the first open world FPS games I played. I often heard 3 is the best of the series, I decided to give it a go when it went crazy cheap on Steam around a month ago. After 17.3 hours I finally beat the game, and here I'm going to review it.

The gunplay is pretty standard. Your character can get beaten down quite easily, and so the player would need to hide behind covers pretty often. Right mouse to aim and left mouse to shoot. The guns are generally fun and satisfying to use, even the ones you get at the start of the game can make you feel powerful and make the game fun. Of course, blasting your way through is optional, since stealth is an option. Stealth in this game is really good, enemy AI however is pretty bad. The game allows you to do a lot of stealthy stuff: using your enemy's throwing knife to silent kill another enemy, ledge silent kills, jump silent kills etc. Enemy AI however is often pretty dumb. As long as you hide behind a cover, no matter how small the cover is the enemy still won't see you. Upon seeing you, enemies will not go over to investigate, but will only do so when the bar fills up.

Now to the open world aspect of the game. The world of Far Cry 3 is huge, but most of the time the world feels empty. The world consists of only a few important things: enemy outposts, animals and plants. Killing animals will let you craft useful equipment like weapon holsters or increasing your inventory capacity, while harvesting plants allow you to craft medicine that heals you or enhances your sense while hunting/combat. While these elements of the game are really interesting at the start, these items are almost useless towards the middle of the game already, once you have all your equipment crafted. I only found myself harvesting plants to get medicine so I can heal myself already around 10-11 hours in.

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About the enemy outposts, Far Cry 3 has a fast travel system that works like this: after you kill off all enemies inside the outpost, that location will be unlocked for fast travelling. Personally I liked this system, it adds more fun combat to the game and allows faster travelling in the future.

Oh I forgot to mention one last thing about the open world aspect. In Far Cry 3, you'll only unlock the map of a certain area after you climb a radio tower. It was decent for the first few times, then it became repetitive. I found myself not reaching the radio tower towards the end, because it's completely unnecessary. Even if you don't unlock the map of that area, the game still points out the general direction of your objective.

Then lastly to the story, or Vaas himself, which seems to be what most people praise about. Here I'd need to get a bit spoilery. While the story is decent, I don't see how Vaas is a compelling video game villain at all. His personality is just crazy, he's such a shallow character. Also he's that type of cliched video game villain that for some reason really likes to free the protagonist, there's so many times he could have killed Jason, but chose not to for no reason at all. Also the game felt way too long. I can't believe they just killed Vaas at the middle of the game! By killing the "main villain", I felt the game was finished, and when I found out Jason needed to kill Hoyt, another mindless crazy villain, I sighed. Kinda reminded me of Luke Cage (spoiler within a spoiler lol), but I remember how fast I dropped the show once Cottonmouth died. Of course, I pushed through the game. The ending didn't make a lot of sense, the game wants you to choose between two endings, but it's not a fair choice, because it's obvious everyone will choose "save friends". There's no reason to choose Citra. Like other games I naturally watched the Citra ending, and I'm so glad I didn't choose that because it's a mess lol.

In conclusion, Far Cry 3 is a decently fun open world game that has an overrated villain, and drags on a little towards the end. While I didn't find Far Cry 3 to be very good, I'm very looking forward to play Blood Dragon in the future. I hope I'll enjoy that a more than the base game.

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