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[Review Thread] Loop Hero

Game Information

Game Title: Loop Hero


  • PC (Mar 4, 2021)


Developer: Four Quarters

Publisher: Devolver Digital

Review Aggregator:

OpenCritic – 86 average – 100% recommended – 17 reviews

Critic Reviews

Ars TechnicaSam MachkovechUnscored

Buy, unless you have responsibilities. This game could very well threaten them.

Attack of the FanboyIvonne Vazquez3.5 / 5 stars

It fulfills a certain niche not just with being a roguelite, but a create your own adventure sort of way while doing so. Most games of the genre have this appeal somewhat by having things like weapon variety and perks; Loop Hero takes it to a whole other level of customization with not only just the classes and weapon types, but the entire terrain is your playground.

COGconnectedNicola Kapron88 / 100

Overall, I had a great time with Loop Hero. I just wish I’d been able to unlock the Necromancer class sooner. Smashing my enemies with an army of summoned skeletons is amazing.

DragnixShaun Joy

Another addictive strategy game with surprising depth and replayability.

GameBlastFarley SantosPortuguese8 / 10

Loop Hero offers an immersive experience with its unique blend of concepts. It's fun to indirectly influence a hero's journey through a dark world in an adventure that combines RPG, deck building and roguelike. Interactions between cards and different types of enemies create strategic matches, and there are many nuances to learn. The game cycle, which focuses on constantly improving the base with resources, is addictive, but lots of grind, slow pace and the small variety of situations between runs makes things a bit repetitive. Loop Hero is a unique title, it is only important to be willing to face the grind to fully enjoy it.

Gamers HeroesJohnny Hurricane – 80 / 100

Loop Hero does what it sets out to do, making for a fun and compelling roguelike that deck builder fans will love.

God is a GeekChris White9 / 10

Loop Hero is a dense and dangerous journey that puts you in full control, merging deck building and the rogue-like genre brilliantly. With tons of options to choose from, and lots of surprises along the way, it would be a mistake to miss out on Four Quarters' wonderful indie title.

Hardcore GamerKyle LeClair4.5 / 5

Loop Hero is a brilliant piece of work that plays and succeeds with the idea of repeating gameplay loops via gameplay, story and even meta angles.

Hey Poor PlayerHeather Johnson4 / 5

Loop Hero is a fascinating roguelike that will excite fans of the genre and entice those burned out by it to come back and fall in love all over again. Its beautiful art style and addictive core loop will cause players to lose track of time, not realizing hours have passed between loops as they slay the day away. Loop Hero could use a few tweaks to make certain aspects more understandable, but in its current state, it is absolutely worth your time and money.

Niche GamerBrandon Lyttle – 8.5 / 10

Ultimately, Loop Hero is a strategic roguelite title that shines in its aesthetic, innovation, and depth; only held back in a few areas. These are its lengthy grind, gacha-style knick-knack buffs, and long combat sequences without interaction.

PC GamerEvan Lahti83 / 100

The spirit of early-'90s fantasy games, cleverly revived in an original and digestible form.

PCGamesNIan Boudreau8 / 10

Loop Hero successfully borrows from a surprising range of genres to create a refreshing new twist on some very old RPG ideas

ShacknewsDonovan Erskine9 / 10

Loop Hero succeeds as an adventure game by blending together elements of strategy and roguelikes in a way that feels clever and fresh. Giving players agency on the adversaries they encounter, and the frequency of said encounters, is an exciting spin on the genre, and one that forced me to strategize in a unique way. Couple the outstanding mechanics with a gorgeous and well-executed visual design, and you’ve got yourself one satisfying gameplay loop.

SoftpediaCosmin Vasile9 / 10

The developers have nailed the sense of progression and the tension that the genre is built around. The presentation is very old-school, which can be a problem for players who have never interacted with MS-DOS titles. It is also integral to the spirit of this game. Loop Hero is a great game for fans of its genre and has plenty of cool mechanics and hooks for those who want to try it out for the first time.

TechRaptorTyler Chancey9 / 10

Loop Hero combines idle game's passiveness with the mechanical depth of a fantasy RPG. The result is a deeply absorbing and rewarding game.

TheSixthAxis – Steve C – 8 / 10

If its aesthetics appeal and the gameplay style grabs you, then Loop Hero will take over your gaming life until you finish it or are drag yourself away. It reminded me strangely of the allure of Football Manager but with a more fantasy setting. The combination of auto combat and strategic choices, with resource management and settlement development on top, makes this a unique and captivating indie game.

WayTooManyGamesJordan Hawes8.5 / 10

There is so much to unlock and it’s all meaningful things that will change how each expedition plays out. That “carrot on a stick” roguelike gameplay is done perfectly here, paired with the D&D type tabletop gameplay. If I had one thing that would have made this better, it would be some player involved combat if chosen. You can’t even choose which enemy to attack first. This could have added to some fun factor and strategy in fights.

cublikefootChase Ferrin

Loop Hero is a solid all-around experience with a surprising amount of depth. It has some incredibly addicting core gameplay, with ample doses of strategy, RNG, and roguelike mechanics on top of that.


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