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Rocket Arena Review Thread

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Game Information

Game Title: Rocket Arena


  • PlayStation 4 (Jul 14, 2020)
  • PC (Jul 14, 2020)
  • Xbox One (Jul 14, 2020)


Developer: Final Strike Games

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Review Aggregator:

OpenCritic – 78 average – 75% recommended – 9 reviews

Critic Reviews

Critical HitDarryn Bonthuys7.5 / 10

Rocket Arena is a blast with its unique take on explosive arena action, colourful cast and an ambitious game plan, albeit one that plays its payload cards a little too safely.

GameMAGRussian8 / 10

Rocket Arena has a lot of potential, and the game is worth paying attention to at least because of the original mechanics. It is a high-quality and interesting project that is definitely worth trying for fans of online shooters.

GameblogEva MartinelloFrench7 / 10

Rocket Arena is a fun and easy to learn shooting game. The fast pace of the game won't suit everyone but strengthens its identity. Despite lacking a depth of lore and strategy, the crossplay option can convince players to pay the price.

Hobby ConsolasAlejandro Alcolea HuertosSpanish87 / 100

Rocket Arena doesn't have the most inspired and original characters or settings, but it does have 10 well-designed characters, three fun modes and solid gameplay that keeps you hooked throughout your frantic games. It's fun for fun, and many times we don't want more than that.

IGN SpainJose A. RodríguezSpanish – 8 / 10

Rocket Arena is an extremely fun game with a commitment to the long term and the seasons to continue increasing its online community.

ShacknewsTJ Denzer9 / 10

With a grand number of game modes, maps, and interesting characters with unique abilities alongside their personalized explosives, Rocket Arena certainly has more than enough personality to set itself from the pack.

SpaziogamesSilvio MazzitelliItalian7 / 10

Rocket Arena can be quite enjoyable at the beginning, but its derivative gameplay and rather banal game modes cannot keep the player engaged for a long time at the current state of the game.

The Games MachineEmanuele FeronatoItalianUnscored

Fortnite is always Goliath , but this time, David seems to be quite handsome .

TheSixthAxisStefan L – 7 / 10

Rocket Arena is an energetic new take on the arena shooter that revels in and rewards skillful play with its projectile weaponry. There's breadth to the cartoony character line up, and while their varied weapons and abilities muddy the purity of the classic rocket arena concept, you'll quickly find a favourite and get to enjoy the frantic scrapping of the game's various modes.


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