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Rodea the Sky Soldier is a very impressive game that still needs a few improvements

Game: Rodea the Sky Soldier

Release: April 2nd, 2015

Developer: Prope (Wii), Kadokawa Games (3DS and Wii U)

Publisher: NIS America

Playtime: 9 hours

Played on Wii


Rodea the Sky Soldier is about a robot named Rodea who was given the task of protecting an island in the sky called Garuda from the Naga empire and emperor Geardo. Rodea the Sky Soldier's plot is very basic and there aren't really any shocking plot twists or other surprises until near the end.



The gameplay mechanics in RTSS is very similar to other games like the "Nights" series, because the gameplay revolves a lot around flying. You have to point at a certain spot and press B to start flying, you can hold A while flying to go into attack mode, and you can also use the dpad to move, this is where the problem comes in. By the time this game came out, most Wii owners had working nunchucks, so using the DPAD on the Wiimote to move is a weird decision. Mainly because most people have their fingers resting on A when holding a Wiimote, so moving it up to the dead feels uncomfortable. The controls are simple, but it could have been done better. Everything except the controls are done well. The health system, powerups, bosses, and mechanics come together to make a exiting exiting experience

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For the console it's on, RTSS looks amazing. First off, this game is very colorful. Unlike the Wii U version, RTSS on Wii looks lively and saturated, everything in the environment pops out at you and it feels like the developers put a lot of love and passion into how the environments look on the Wii. The texture and quality isn't the most advanced or clear thing but it still looks really good. The environments are massive and have something at every corner. When you look out into the sky, you would be able to see other islands, you can go to those islands if the plot allows you to, and I think that is just impressive. Something that bigger than the environments is the bosses, and I can't describe how massive these bosses are, they are best compared to the colossuses in Shadow of the Colossus but 5 times bigger, and the stages that go along with said bosses are super unique, I would say they are better than some of the stages themselves!. If I can sum this games graphics up in one sentence, I would say that it's just really impressive for the Wii



RTSS has a very small OST, I looked it up on youtube and found a playlist with 23 songs, however that number will feel like 8 songs when you are actually playing the game. None of the songs sound particularly bad, but you will definitely hear the same songs a few times. The sound effects are mostly very sharp and a bit loud. The worst part of the audio in RTSS is the sound mixing issues. It is not as bad as a game like Sonic Adventure 2 for example, but I felt that some characters voices sounded quiet in a few cutscenes

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