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Rosalina probably deserves her own series of games. What could a game about Rosalina be like?

Content of the article: "Rosalina probably deserves her own series of games. What could a game about Rosalina be like?"

Ever since her debut in Super Mario Galaxy, Rosalina has become an incredibly popular character. She was so popular, that she was included in so many other Nintendo games, including the most recent Super Smash Bros games, which was pretty unprecedented to a lot of Nintendo fans. This made me feel like that it would be plausible for Nintendo to create a game, or possibly a series of games, with Rosalina as the main character. While Super Mario Galaxy has revealed quite a lot of detail on Rosalina's character and backstory, especially through her storybook, I have the feeling that they could elaborate more on Rosalina in future games that include her. But right now, I feel like that most of the time when Rosalina gets included, it's a spinoff game where she's just an extra character. While I do appreciate the idea of Nintendo including Rosalina in more games, I fear that if Rosalina doesn't get another game were she serves an important role in the story, she might be reduced to just a "filler" character. Maybe they could release Super Mario Galaxy 3 or another main series Mario game where Rosalina serves an important role to the plot. Right now, I am wondering what Nintendo could do if they ever release a game about Rosalina herself, or at least a game in which Rosalina is important to the game's story.

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I wonder that if Nintendo ever releases a game with Rosalina as the main protagonist, what the entre game might look like. What would its genre be? What would its gameplay be like? What would its story be like? What details could it reveal about Rosalina's backstory and character? And what could the game reveal about the Mario universe? There is so much potential in Rosalina's character and story that I believe that it really deserves more attention and development.

Since Rosalina's motif is about the stars, and stars have long been associated with destiny and fate, I guess they could make Rosalina some kind of chosen one, with her story's theme being about destiny and shaping one's future. It would really be awesome to see Rosalina be the Mario universe's equivalent of the Avatar, since she is the protector of the cosmos and all that.


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