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Run-Away Horror Vs Confrontational Horror In games and why, In my opinion, Confrontational Horror Is better

Content of the article: "Run-Away Horror Vs Confrontational Horror In games and why, In my opinion, Confrontational Horror Is better"

Now, before we start, let's define a few things:

Run-Away Horror – Horror games where the player is forced to hide from the horror or sneak away from it ( Slender, The Amnesia series, Outlast series etc.)

Confrontational Horror – Horror games where the player is forced to confront/fight the horror ( Alien: Isolation, Condemned: Criminal Origins, Cry Of Fear, Silent Hill series, Resident Evil series etc.)

Now, both of these genres can be good and bad depending how competent the people making the game are but, in my personal opinion at least, Confrontational horror is way more effective and just in general scarier than Run-away Horror, at least as far as games are concerned

Don't get me wrong, i enjoyed the first Outlast and Amnesia – The Dark Descent as much as the next horror fan but, after i finished them, nothing really stuck with me too much. That's the problem in general i find with Run – Away horror. The ride is fun and exhilarating while it lasts but, in the end, i won't remember much of it nor will i want to replay it later. And the honestly predictable patterns of movement of the enemy (Especially in Outlast 1) gets a little boring after a while. I always knew in Outlast after the 5th time i got spotted all i had to do was hide in a nearby locker and it will be like i ceased to exist. I mean, i know i'm in an mental asylum but this is ridiculous. The only memorable moment from these types of games i can think of was when i got chased bu the (Spoilers ahead) invisible underwater monster in Dark Descent and the reason i remember that was because it was the only time that the game switched up the way i was being chased so i had to come up with a new way to avoid the danger.

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Now, on the other hand, I remember many things from Confrontational Horror games. The apartment building from Cry Of Fear, Pyramid head from Silent Hill, the Regenerators from Resident Evil 4 etc. But, the best example of this, and what i easily consider to be one of the best horror games of all time is Condemned: Criminal Origins. There have been times when i have been scared playing games, including horror games. I wasn't scared while playing Condemned. No, i was fucking terrified. Every single moment and confrontation in that game is so stressful, so intense and so skin crawlingly creepy and the big reason behind that is because you have to fight your attackers. Not just fight, but pummel their faces in. And the mannequin museum. The fucking mannequin museum! One of the most terrifying levels in all of gaming period


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