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Samsung Glap Review

I've been using the Samsung Glap for almost 2 weeks now and I feel like I'm ready to review it.
So, backstory – I love mobile gaming, like most of you. I'm enamoured with the idea that I'm carrying around a computer hundreds of times more powerful than the PCs I owned as a kid. For me, mobile gaming isn't just about convenience ("I've got my phone, I guess I'll play a match 3"), there's also an element of marvel to it. Look how far we've come! 😄🎆 And since I also bought a Galaxy Z Fold 2 several weeks ago, I knew I needed something premium to control it with…
I've spent the past 5 years looking for a mobile gaming controller that I liked. It needed to be something I could throw into my work bag, preferrably telescopic, and well-made. I've tried 2 x different ipega controllers, the Mad Catz Lynx 9, an Xbox controller, and now the Glap, and honestly, the Glap blows them out of the water.
The quality of the build is good on the Glap. Still feels a bit light, which could suggest flimsiness, but I imagine that was a design choice so that it doesn't feel to heavy when you're lifting it up to your face in front of you. The locking system is way better than any of the others I've tried, hugging and trapping my Z Fold in place with it's lip. I was concerned about the shoulder buttons going into it – I knew from reviews that they were large and seemingly made to keep your index on them, forcing you to use middle fingers on your triggers. Luckily, I guess my hands are big enough that this hasn't been an issue and I can comfortably operate the triggers and bumpers alternately.
Because of its larger form-factor, I was also worried about the Glap bulking up my mobile gaming rig and being an eyesore. I'm pretty sure when I'm using it I must look like I'm playing a poor man's Atari Lynx… but honestly, I've gotten used to the size and I don't mind it. I haven't tested the dead zones, but based on feel, it's much better than the ipega and lynx 9 (for ipega, the problem was huge deadzones, and for the lynx 9, the problem was stiffness in the mechanisms). It's hard to compare the form and feel of the Glap to a real controller like the Xbox (my normal controller of choice), but I don't really like the feel of mounted-phone controllers, so the Glap wins out.
Honestly, it's not perfect – would like to see sturdier design without compromising the weight in the next iteration. And we all know this thing is severely overpriced for what it is… but for me, I've been waiting 5 years to get a telescopic controller that felt this good, and I'm wasn't about to let $150AUD get in the way of that. Not to mention that it comes with a hard case – something I had desperately wanted for years. *RECOMMENDATION – * If you want a good telscopic mobile controller and can spare the dough, it's Glap all the way, baby. 👍😁👍

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