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Sayonara Wild Hearts – Thoughts

The short of it, Sayonara Wild Hearts is an indie game by Simogo and published by Annapurna Interactive, that's pretty much in the runner/rhythm game genre. It's available for cheap (~10e without discounts).

  • So what is it?

It's a rhythm game based on preset courses that you run through. This means you kind of have to learn the courses and their patterns and then repeat until you've got the actions down. It's very forgiving having mid-level checkpoints. Every level gets ranked by "gold/silver/bronze" medals.

  • What does it look/sound like?

There's a purple-blue colour scheme all through it, but it uses it to great effect, and it's minimal graphics look beautiful.

The music is really not to my taste, it's kind of a mash between modern Trance-Pop and J-Pop, but it suits the game very well.

All in all, the presentation aspect is top-notch.

  • How does it play?

It plays very well, your movement is fluid, but the game likes to throw a lot of curveballs on your movement. That means you have to be on your toes at all times. It only utilizes the stick and the A button (this on a XBox controller), but it never explains what to do so that's something you have to figure out yourself. It's not a problem though, as it becomes obvious as the game unfolds.

  • What could I compare it with?
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I can really think of two games that I've played, that is Bit.trip Runner and Thumper.

  • What I think?

This is a hard thing to write, as I did enjoy my time with it, but I don't really feel that I want to go back to it after the basic campaign. So while it was fun to play, I feel that there's pretty little replay value.

  • The short and sweet

It's very short unless you want to delve into the additional game modes or perfect your levels. For the price it might be worthwhile because it's an experience, but basically you're paying 10e for a 2h of gaming. Personally I didn't find the plot to be that engaging, but some people have found it to be really emotional.


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