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Sbi (sandbox interactive) appears to no longer have a handle on real money trading within their own game.

Some of you may or may not know of the company SBI (sandbox interactive, maker of the game 'Albion Online', a rather niche full loot open world pvp mmo that while having a rocky start, has survived and continues to grow steadily.

Those who remember the early days (and part of the reason why AO was widely panned on this subreddit) remember that the servers were under constant ddos attacks from gold farmers and real money traders after SBI went after them hard, breaking up their operations, refusing to cave into their demands etc.

While many longterm (and short term players) sometimes question the competence of sbi, most plays could agree that when it came to RMT, sbi was really on the ball at preventing it, using a variety of methods, such as setting up fake silver selling sites, putting staff members undercover etc.

Recently, one of the games well known streamers openly streamed himself getting a € 1500 'donation' From a member called 'emiashiro' but some context first:

Emiyashiro is leader of a russian alliance (name not important) who appears, in this screenshot, to be offering real money (against the game rules and tos, (In addition, SBI's host company Germany has strict rules against online gambling, and the like) for control of 4 ingame territories for the rest of the season.

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Syndic is the head Honcho of 'POE' a large alliance in the game. 'Kingmojo' (the streamer in the below video) is currently allied with Poe (they are fighting another alliance, name not important)

Could be doctored right? until you see this video (which was deleted, but someone managed to get a copy of:)

Not hard to put two and two together.

At the moment in time, None of the parties involved have had any investigation or actions taken against them, nor has SBI made any statement or response.

There now have been many accusations (some spurious, others with actual often submitted evidence) that real money trading actions have been getting more and more frequent and blatant.

*edit i also forgot to mention there have been numerous accusations of 'doxxing' from Multiple GMs, including in one case, a GuildMaster leaking another players bank details, address and SSN when the player wanted to leave the guild and 'expose him'

The concerned players of AO ask: when will SBI take a stand and enforce the rules of their own game?

another video has surfaced of this streamer reputedly getting paid 'RMT' money through paypal


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