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Second draft for the proposed rule changes.

After the recent modfree day, which we will never repeat, we found out that some of the rules were generally unclear or too restrictive.

In response to that we have already removed the 350 rule. But we had also proposed better rules that might be more clear and help combat certain problems.

As a result we published our first draft of the new rules here, and said we were going to adjust based on community feedback. This is the second draft of those rules.

Please note that we are trying to strike a balance between allowing as much as possible while also preventing as much spam and harmful comments as possible.

Second draft of the new

Don’t ask for MMO recommendations

Out of community feedback we don’t allow LFMMO/Recommend me an MMO type posts on MMORPG. If you are looking for an MMO to play however there is a weekly sticky where you can post in or you can go to LFMMO.

Don’t be toxic

What is toxicity? Toxicity is a broad term, but it basically means “everything that you do that makes you a dick”.

You will be labeled toxic when you intentionally use language meant to hurt people, this includes hate speech, denying groups their human rights, excluding marginalized groups and personal attacks. Toxicity can go beyond that, for example you can be negative without adding value. Don’t diminish people's enjoyment of games, or just go into a thread screaming that this game sucks. If you’re going to be a troll, we will remove you from this community.

Don’t post referral links or discord/community invites

Referral links can become spam very quickly, and so can discord or other community invites.

We have seen this in the past and have spoken to developers about these programs multiple times. The same now goes for Discord or other community invites. The need for community in this genre is high, but going to everyone that plays a certain game and replying with a discord link isn’t the way to find people.

No YouTube direct linking — unless it's straight from the developers page.

You can always post a link to an official channel, one that is owned by the developer. But to avoid people spamming their sick PVP montages we don’t allow direct linking to youtube.

If you want to post a video from a creator you still can, this is absolutely allowed. We just ask that you post it in a text post with ~a paragraph of text so that people don’t need to watch the video to be part of the discussion.

Read the self promo rules before you promote your own work!

We can always use more creators in the MMO space, and we would like to support them as much as possible. So if you have a blog, youtube channel, podcast or you make interpretive dance videos about raiding ICC on twitter you are allowed to show it off here.

But, and there’s always a but, we ask you to do it in the form of a text post accompanied by a paragraph or two of text explaining what you’re also discussing in your content.

We ask this because we don’t want people to dump their content on our subreddit amongst 20 others only to not interact with the community or to only return when the next piece of content is out.

If you are in good standing with the community after a while of posting these you can reach out to us and you could be allowed to direct link to your content as we do understand this leads to more views for you.

A dev or representing a studio? Reach out to us via modmail.

Don’t advertise private servers

In order to maintain some goodwill from developers for which we host AMAs, and to please Reddit and their own rules we ask you not to advertise private servers.

Discussion of private servers is fine as long as you don’t ask for specific servers as that would be LFMMO or advertise them. We are willing to make exceptions for servers that have a license, a good faith understanding with the developers, or for games that wouldn’t be available any other way like Star Wars Galaxies.

No Gatekeeping

We’re all passionate about MMORPGs, and sometimes that comes with strong opinions. You’re allowed to think something is or isn’t an MMO. You’re even allowed to make posts about it

But we ask that you keep an open mind about allowing games that scratch the same itch to be discussed, Valheim is by no means an MMO but it has a lot of elements an MMO could learn from. Sometimes a game plays nearly identical like an MMO and should be allowed in some form to be discussed. That’s why we ask you not to just comment “this isn’t an MMO” on a thread and leave with the sole intention of stirring up drama.

We are still listening to feedback in the comments. Please be respectful, otherwise you will be removed from the conversation.


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