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Seems like every gaming friend I make is specific to one game. What to play to make friends who will persist beyond just that game? (Perhaps also plug discussion about single game devotion in and of itself.)

Short version of my current life status: As of a few months ago, I'm officially disabled (through the USA VA). I can't work anymore, and frankly I don't want to. Either way I have a lot more free time now, and gaming is pretty much the only activity I have any vested interest in filling it with.

Now I do have a circle of old friends, ones I made as a child. But there's not that many of them, and they don't share my situation. The majority of the time, I am the only member of my friend circle online, or effectively am. They have to work, sleep, and some of what free time they have is going to be spent on solitary endeavors (that is, single player games). Now to be clear, I'm big on single player titles myself. So there's no hurt feelings or anything here, it's just scheduling conflict. When I've done all the solitary things I wanted to do, or am simply in the mood for socialization, chances are nobody's available. All of them, the few of them, being at work, asleep, or wrapped up in that solo campaign.


Moving on to the real purpose of this thread; because of this new life situation I have, I honestly need more friends, to make this "only one online" issue less of one. Naturally, these people should be gamer friends, because that's basically all I am. But when I do make new friends via gaming, they have so far always been game specific. They have been people who only play the one game, and I met them while also playing a lot of said game. Sometimes I almost think it's genuinely the only thing they do. For a while it's good. I've got this new friend I made playing Destiny, Warframe, Endless Legend, or whatever it happens to be this time. This friend, or perhaps these friends, and I could be spending lots of time together so long as I'm still playing a lot of that game. Grouping up, responding to each other's "help me" requests, or even just talking while working on different tasks within that game.

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But I'm not the sort to devote myself to one game. At any given point there will be a set of games I'm playing, and sooner or later their game won't be one of them. It'll rotate out. It could rotate back in later, but in any case I'm not so active in that one game anymore. They seemingly have no interest outside that game, so once I'm not playing enough of it, it's like they don't exist anymore. Or rather, it's like I don't. Either way our interaction stops since I'm not in the one place they can be found.

I don't blame either set of friends for their respective situations. But the lack of a problem with them doesn't eliminate the problem of me being stuck alone when I want to do something with people and nobody is available or interested. Which begs the question, what can I play in hopes of making new friends that won't effectively only exist so long as I continue to play the one game they devote their lives to? I've been all around; being a Sherpa in Destiny, raiding/dungeons in that and other mmos, hoping between help me whispers in other mmos, repeating co op things like Monster Hunter, etc., but they've all shared the situation. So where to go?

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The above question is the real purpose of this thread, but if anyone's interested I'm plugging another question/discussion: It actually kind of amazes me how much continued enjoyment some gamer's get from exclusive and consistent devotion to only one game. Doesn't it get old? Don't they get bored? How do they keep at it? What does it take to be one the games that earns that devotion?


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