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Sekiro: Corrupted Monk

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I first got Sekiro back when it first came out a year and a half ago and suffered through it the way I do with all From Software titles but for some reason Sekiro never clicked with me. Dark Souls had you be defensive, Bloodborne had you be aggressive and Sekiro was kind of in between by being agreesive to bait the enemy into attack and then time a deflection to open them up. I understood that but for whatever reason it's combat never just clicked in my brain. It made for many frustrating bosses. I think my patience hit critical mass at O-Rin of the Water and the Corrupted Monk right after her. Those two made me put the controller down and walk away knowing those were the bosses that broke me. I see never walked away from any From Software game but those fools did it. Anyhow, life took over and other games released and I haven't looked back… until 3 days ago. Maybe it's that the entire internet was buzzing about Ghosts of Tushima (I'll get it but on Black Friday or something re: patient gamers) or PS+ offering up Nioh the other month but my hankering for Samurai action took over and I started up Sekiro again. I loaded my old save and couldn't remember a damn thing so I decided it was best to start over. That was 3 days ago and I just one-shotted O-Rin and killed the Corrupted Monk on my 3rd try! I don't know what my brain understood this time around that I wasn't getting before but the game makes so much sense now. The toughest enemies a year and a half ago were nothing. I remember the two toughest bosses I wasn't looking forward to fighting again were the Guardian Ape and Lord Genichiro but they were so easy to kill! On the other hand, one of my easiest fights, Lady Butterfly was super hard for me this time around. I'm just happy I killed O-Rin with ease and the Corrupted Monk. The rest of the game is 100% brand new to me now so I'm sure I'll get cocky and eat my words on another boss (probably Genichiro again, I'm sure he has to come back) but I love this game now. It was always good but it may be my favorite From Software game now.

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